6mm284 loads???


Jan 18, 2010
I just got my grubby little mitts on a 6mm284 and I’m looking for some reloading data. I know the barrel is a 1:10 twist. I’m looking for a load for long range and for prairie dogs. I have a ranch in Utah and I’m infested by the little critters. Anyone have any suggested loads or know of a place to find one?

Sierra 75 gr. HP, IMR-4831 51 Grains @ 3500 fps 26" tube 1:8 twist not the 1:10 twist you have so perhaps others will jump in and comment on any experiences they have with this bullet in a 1:10 twist.
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I would help you out here to but I'm also shootin an 8" twist. I shootin 115 vld's. Your not gonna be able to stabilize these.

I would look at the 95grain bt. Kirby has a thread on here somewhere if you search for it he has details.
Have one in load development right now with 75gr VMax and H4350 and RL22 running them pretty hot looks like it will settle in somewhere in the low to mid 50 grains of powder range.

I have no idea what I was thinking so don't ask but I spec'd a 1-12 #7 Lilja. The Lilja and #7 contour I'm good with but the 1-12 not so much but that's why these things are threaded on and not welded on. I figure at around 3800fps it won't last long but it sure will be fun while it lasts.

Maybe this 1-12 will work out afterall. I'll get all that high speed stuff out of my system then after this barrel is used up I can settle in with a 1-8 and slow things down. Nahhh probably not but if I was looking for long barrel life I never would have picked a 6-284. :)

Reloaders nest has a far amount of information but take it all with a grain of salt an work up to some of those loads. I think I read somewhere here that some were starting to use RL17 with 6-284. Maybe do a search and go from there.
I just built an 8twist
what load is working for you and how far off the lands

10 thous off the lands

Getting 3175 fps with a 5fps e.s. 50 degree day, 3190 with a 6fps es 80 degree day

well under 1/2 moa

This is out of a broughton 5C and shows no pressure signs. I had brass loaded 6 times and could have kept loading them.
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