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  1. zgardner

    zgardner Member

    Feb 22, 2012
    I have been lurking around here for a bit now trying to soak in as much info as possible and have few questions.

    I know a few people have been very kind in answering questions and I have a few more.

    I'm really interested in building or buying a 6.5x284 and I am trying to figue out which way to go.

    The overall purpose for this gun would be to shoot speedgoats and mule deer at extended range, have it take an elk every once in a while, be able to take black bear at extended range and overall have fun shooting out to 1,000.

    I have many coyote rigs and my go to hunting rig would be a .257 weatherby.

    I am mainly a bowhunter.

    Does it make sense to build or buy a 6.5x284 or should ya go with a 7mm or 300wm?

    Next questions:

    6.5x284- Caliber in question

    Option 1- Buy a 111 LRH and replace the stock with a Tactical stock from Stockade? Yes or No?

    Option 2- Buy a 110 Preadtor and replace the stock with a Tactical stock from Stockade? Yes or No?

    Option 3- Build off of a long action Savage that would have to be bought?

    Which route would be the best? I do not have a long action available at the moment so I would have to buy a gun for the project.

    What kind of expenses would be involved in building one off of a savge action?
    Something that would be rather accurate and doesn't break the bank?
    Let's say around $1000.00 for the project.

    I have been researching on Savage Shooters a bit aswell and have a few questions about a post I saw?

    Here is the specs to the gun:
    Action: Stevens LA (CF)
    Recoil Lug: NSS
    Trigger: Rifle Basix SAV-1, 2-1/2 lb, polished to mirror finish
    Caliber: 6.5x284 Norma
    Barrel: McGowan 26", Heavy Varmint Contour, 1:8", 11 Deg crown
    Scope Base: Nightforce One Piece Steel, 20 MOA
    Scope Rings: Nightforce MED (1.0"), Steel
    Scope: Nightforce NXS, 5.5x22x50
    Stock: Choate Tactical
    Bottom Metal: CDI Precision Gunworks Inletting & Fitting
    Magazines: AICS 300 Win Mag magazines modified by CDI
    Bi-Pod: Harris

    and a few pics:



    What do you think it would take to make a gun comparable to this that shoots well?

    What kind of weight we talking?

    Can a rookie make this happen?

    Thanks for all the help
  2. TrophyHunter_colorado

    TrophyHunter_colorado Well-Known Member

    Feb 2, 2009
    I have built three off of a savage platform. Two shillen barrels and one CBI. I use stockade stocks. Stockade has there own DBM that they have yet to advertise. If your budget is 1k I would probably go with the LRH. I have over 1400.00 in each one. People are going to tell you 6.5x284 is bad news due to throat erosion... It has never bothered me.
    For the kind of application you are wanting to use it for I would consider a .300 win. Mag.. I built mine with a 26" 1:10 twist heavy sporter CBI barrel, on a savage 116. I'm currently shooting berger 230 gn.OTM with a B.C. .719. Rifle weighs 9lbs using stockade thumb hole. The best groups so far is 5 shot at 805 yards measuring 3.8" and right after that another 5 shot group 4.1". I have a KDF sniper brake that is awesome!

    The 6.5 would fit your needs, the .300 would fit your needs. It' just up to you and what you really want.
  3. BrentM

    BrentM Well-Known Member

    Jan 10, 2013
    The goods news is, you have a ton of options out there. If you are recoil sensitive the magnums might not be the way to go. You will have to install a brake. But the energy level of the 300 over the 6.5 is significant at 1000 yards.

    You budget is likely too low to build a rifle since you don't have an action. Also, you will likely have problems finding a barrel. However, if I was not in a huge hurry I would buy a stainless action with accutrigger for $350, a shilen barrel for 350-400, and a B&C stock for $300. The rest is then up to you. 20MOA rail is probably not necessary for 1000 yards if you have 100 MOA scope.

    Cabelas in Boise has a 111 LR in 6.5x284 for 849.00. They also have a super nice 116 in 300 WM for 749.00. This 116 is exactly my 6.5x284. Stainless, fluted bull barrel, accustock and accutrigger. 24". This rifle really doesn't need anything, load, shoot, and do it again.

    You have choices such as 6.5x47, 6.5 creedmore, 260 Remington.....then you have a bunch of options in the 7mm line up. 30 cal, I would probably go 300 since this is a cheap rifle to work off of. Brass, dies, loads, etc is easy.

    I wound up a with the 6.5x284 and really don't have much regret at all. I have right around 100 rounds fired and it is tuning up nicely. Less than 3" inch group at 500 and under 7 at 980 so far with optics not set up for LR or precision work.
  4. TrophyHunter_colorado

    TrophyHunter_colorado Well-Known Member

    Feb 2, 2009
    Does b&c make a long action stock for savage other than the duramax? Even the duramax is for stagger feed.
  5. BrentM

    BrentM Well-Known Member

    Jan 10, 2013
    Oh well I guess I am not positive. I was told they do and told to get one if I built the rifle vs buying it like I did. Once my buddy told me about this special edition 116 I immediately went and bought it. I am not sure if the savage needs a better stock then the accu...at least bang for the buck might not be there. I am not experienced enough to say either way. Fortunately this rifle seems to shoot and therefore I don't sink more money into it. I was able to pick this rifle up for $700. I built a cheek rest to get me lined up with the scope and then bought a nightforce from the classifieds here to top it off. Once it is all said and done I will have a little over 2200.00 in the rifle not including the dies and brass. For the built rifle I was looking originally at 3500.00 total if I had to pay full price for optics. 1500 for the gun and 2000 for the scope. Ouch, I couldn't do that....I would have had a nice rifle or nice scope, not both.