6.5-284 vs 6.5-308


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Mar 13, 2003
Southern Wisconsin
I'm in the process of choosing a 6.5 caliber rifle. This isn't going to be competition gun just an "accurate as I can get it" hunting rifle.
I'd like to just buy a factory rifle and rebarrel it in one of these two choices, but I've read that the 6.5-284 requires a long action if you want to use the magazine and may require magazine & feed rail work. Would the same be true of the 6.5-308 if I bought a rifle already chambered for 308 then rebarreled it?
Also any information on recoil and velocity differences or any other pertinent facts would be appreciated.
The .260 Rem is the .308 and .243 case necked to .264", 6.5mm. I was extremely impressed with a Savage 10FP in .260Rem some time back.

Winchester short-actions are longer than Remington short-actions and handle the 6.5-284 just fine. The downside is it takes more shop time for a gunsmith to correct the lugs and recesses on a Winchester.

The 6.5-284 has slightly more recoil than a .260Rem but both are very mild in 14 lbs rifles.
Thanks RuffHewn. You wouldn't by any chance know where the savage action falls for length would you? I was kind of leaning towards a mod.12 bvss because I've heard they are the easiest to rebarrel.
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