6.5-284 F Class Rig


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May 19, 2008
Thought I would share my new toy.
Specs are

Barnard P action
Trueflite 30" 1-8.5" 6 Lans F- Class Profile, Ultra Match Finish
Barnard Light trigger
Barnard 25 MOA Base
Ken Farrell Rings
Leupold 8.5-25 Target reticle
Richards (Greg West) Low Rider Laminate Stock

Paint,(by Me) Black Base coat,Large Metalic Silver Base coat,
Custom tinted Debeer CandyTangerine Orange.
Cereramiclear 2 pac clear coat, hard as!

Total weight 8.9 kg

Photos dont do it justice, this paint is wicked looking in direct sun.

This aint no hunting rig, but it has been built with the ability to swap into
my Manners T2 if I want.



First 5 shots went like this on a crappy day, so bad I had to set up the rest in the back of my SUV and shot from front seat, try it! it aint easy!!! with ZERO load development 140 gr Berger,the extreme left is the VERY FIRST shot after bore sight/fowler,adjusted, then right next to that is the second shot, I never moved scope adjustment, then fired last three which measured +/- .5

Not a bad result I thought, will find out what it can really do this Sunday


Regards 300WSMMAD
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Hey, make sure we go to the same place this Sunday. I want to have a good look at your rig! Looks cool on photo! See you then!
I want you to paint my stock.

I think yourve had another on here maybe it was black and green?? same style. I remember it, looked really good.

dam thats a good looking stock
Thanks guys, Hopefully will be at the NZ F Class Nationals in March 2010 at Whatawata if any of you kiwis come to that dont be shy in saying gidday.

NZP, well thats a complement, thanks but I only do really for myself as a hobby, not on a professional level. maybe some time in the future I will look at doing other peoples rifles but at the moment I dont want to be in the position of responsibilty for other peoples gear until Im 100% confident in my abilitys and the coatings Im using.
To be honest IF that was your stock I would respray it, there are areas that I werent 100% happy with but because its mine I put it down to experience.

Kevin, The paints I used were a bits and pieces really, the primer was a generic laquer primer, the Black I belive was Dulux automotive Base coat laquer. The silver was definatly Debeer Chunky metallic Silver basecoat laquer.
Candy orange was Debeer with added yellow pearls. Clear coat I will have to get back to you on but it TOUGH!!

Thanks again guys.
swank rig man! It'll probably be the nicest paint job on the line! pretty good shootin' also (especially from an improvised rest)
Id certainly let you use my stock as a test one!

I should really have a go at painting it. its pretty bleak at the moment.

looks awesome. well done
NZP, pm me with what you have and what you want. I will have a think about it. no promises however.

Heres a 300WSM I did too


Thanks for the feedback, may have another one for you all shortly too this time in 6.5-47 Lapua same stock but in Candy Apple Red, hmmm hmm sweet as!!! Thats if the owner lets me post it.

Best regards 300WSMMAD
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