4" group at 600!!


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Nov 14, 2007
Hey guys just shot my first actual group at 600 yrds (been just busting milk jugs) and it was 4.25" for 3 shots right at my point of aim!! I'm pretty excited!! :D
Glad to hear it, it sure is exciting to get results. What are you shooting?
Kampfeld built .243 AI, 700 action, Broughton 5c, Manners MCS-T, Zeiss 6.5-20, shooting 105gr Bergers at 3300fps...should be able to tighten up the group some once I get more trigger time gun)
Pic of the rifle...:D

that stock is awesome looking, and I think thats a great group, if you are a newbie like me we can only get better, I shot a 3.75'' 3 shot at 650 and thought it was great,,,,,,,,,,,,,,good luck and good shooting sounds like you will have no problem getting a better group on paper with practice and its fun too.
Nice group, nice rig> Stay with it and as you tighten the group, as you said with more trigger time...then maybe 800yds:cool:
Good shooting! There is a big difference between thinking you can shoot 600 and actually shooting 600. Outstanding.
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