Groups at 300 & 600 Yards with 6.5-284 XP-100

XP Hunter, that`s pretty much benchrest standards for accuracy. Great shooting on your part also.
Greg has done exceptional work for me also.
For you rifle guys this may not be a big deal, but I am a happy camper with my center-grip XP-100 in 6.5-284 (.288 neck).
Some days it just all falls into place and this morning was one of those days. A 4-shot group @ 300 yards yielded a .711 group and a 4-shot group at 600 yards was 1.576.
I was using my Siebert Leupold 20x LER scope for these two groups and the groups I shot last Friday @ 100 yards.
I will use my 3-12 Burris LER w/BP & Target Knobs for ITRC.
From now till ITRC all shooting will be done from the prone position.
This mornings shooting was from the bench.
Man, can Greg Tannel build a bolt rig!
Ernie nice shooting is this the rig you will be shooting in Iowa for the 1000 yard comp.
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