Group Size at 100 yards


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Mar 4, 2004
North Dakota
I was wondering what you guys consider a good enough group size for long range shooting? Do most of you shoot your groups past 100 yards? My 6mm 284 at 100 yards will shoot in the .2's with 3 shots and at 300 it shoots in the .7's do you think this is good enough for shooting out to 700 yards? My 7MM STW shoots in the .4's with 3 shots at 100 yards and at 300 yards around .9's to 1.0 do you think that this would work out to 800 or 900 yards? I have never shot either one on paper past 300 yards but I have taken deer out to 500 with both what do you guys think? What would be the biggest group size at 100 yards you would consider good enough for long range one inch?
Thanks for the help. My STW is a Standard Remington 700 Sendero if you can beleave that and I am using Barnes TSX's in it
My 6mm 284 is a Rem 700 Action with a 28inch Hart barrel again using a hunting bullets Nosler 95 Ballistic Tips. I am going to try shoot 500 and 600 yards this weekend and see how they do. I will post pic's of the targets but you guys will have to cut me some slack cause I have never shot that far on paper before.
My most accurate rifle is a Remington 40X. The largest group that it shot at the Reminton Custom Shop was .29" at 100 yards. My best group has been .19 at 100 yards.

Your fine... .2's at 100 and .7's at 300, you're good to go to 1K if the energy was there!
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