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Jun 28, 2006
when shooting my 6mmppc at 300 yards i get 5 shot groups of about an inch and a half is that considerd ok.what sort of standard for accuracy do you long range guys want to get at 300 400 500 ect before you go hunting .thanks
Hi Roe,
I use a 6mmBR for varmint shooting. Shooting 87grain V-max at 3000fps out of a 27inch 1-10 Twist I get about 1 inch 5-shot groups. I would consider 1.5 inches to be good. I haven't shot my BR beyond 400yds (not yet anyway) due to the land I shoot on. For rabbits, magpies, wild cats (the domestic version) out to 400yds its OK. Have also used it on wild goats out to 200 yds.

Glen - New Zealand
Is this COLD BORE grouping we're talking, or BR grouping, or plinking?

If you can pull your rifle out any time and hit a 1.5" bull at 300 with a single shot off a bipod or whatever your field shooting system involes, I'd say it's ready for hunting. That's not easy to do for most.
just as i would take a hunting shot in the field using a harris bipod and rear rest.
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