group size

Oct 21, 2002
I was shooting my rifle the other day (6mm ack) with 107 gr mks, and at 4 and 500 yards it was slinging 4 inches of horizontal dispersion in a 5 shot group, but only an inch and a half of vertical dispersion. Is the bullet not stable?? I normally shoot 55gr bal tips and they shoot 1.3" at 400 and 1.75" at 500, nice round groups. I figured the vlds would give me more range but if they cant hit anything they they ceratinly cant kill it.
Big thing to consider is wind. Did you keep an eye for that? All bullets drift.

Also how was your rest? Any twisting of the rifle during recoil will show up as stringing at long range.

Keep practising...

I agree with Jerry on his points. One more thing what is the twist on the barrel, from 55g to 107g is a lot.
Crow Mag
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