338 Ultra Mag and 338 Lapua Recoil


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Mar 4, 2004
North Dakota
How bad is it?
I have a Savage 7MM STW and I was thinking about putting a different barrel on it. The Rifle would probably weigh about 10 lbs with scope and Bipod and would not have a Muzzle brake on it.
At 15 lbs with a good break, its not bad at all. 10 lbs, no brake? Join a boxing club instead.
That bad I take it
I think I will make this gun into a 300 Win Mag after seeing how cheap ready to go barrels are from Sharp Shooter Supply. Anyone tried a barrel from them?
can you get a 10 or 11 twist for the rifle if so you would be able to shoot the 300g SMK bullet. I would put a brake on it

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Recoil is pretty vicious! In a regulation unlimited class rifle, it's pretty stout at only 12lbs. A brake is a must if you intend to use it in competition. **** fine chambering though. Especially out past 5/8th mile. Happy shooting!

I shoot my 338 ultra mag with a 250gr bullet at over 3000fps without a brake. Brakes make to much noise. I just hold the rifle tight into my shoulder aim and fire
Both cartridges are so similar in balistics according to my Sierra manual, that I would put a brake on either chambering just to make it enjoyable to shoot. Where's the fun when theres pain involved.

For the cost in brass, and the little gain in performance, I'm trying very hard to justify building a Lapua over the UM. VERY hard.

I had a 9# .338 RUM without a brake and it was pretty bad....Figure about double that of your STW...
Double the recoil of my STW? Hmm let me think
No I think I will make a 300 mag
Do they make a Muzzle break that wont blow your ears off when hunting or one that you dont feel the blast on your forehead when you shoot it?
No and yes. In NA, silencers are a restricted device and certainly not allowed in hunting...pity. so we get to go deaf.

There are no such things as quiet muzzle brakes. The reason they work is by direction the exhaust gases to the side which increases the noise signature to the shooter.

By arranging the ports only along the side or angling forward, the concussion on the face can be greatly reduced. Long barrels help too.

No free lunch. The other way to reduce recoil is with a lot of weight. On my RUM launchin 240gr MK, the rifle weighs 45lbs but still booted pretty good for long bench sessions. would be fine as a hunting set up.

When I ported the muzzle, the noise signature went up but the recoil went to almost nothing. Feels like a 6BR now. Going to need to rebarrel soon at this rate.

Well at first when I got the gun 4 years ago it kinda did bother me now I have shot it so much it is just like shooting my 6mm 284. I have a Sako TRG-S 300 and it moves you more than the STW but it doesnt bother me. I guess the gun that I would say recoils the most that I own is a 50 cal Knight Disc Rifle Muzzle Loader. With a 300 gr and two pellets it isnt bad but you shoot it with three and I swear it has to be right up there with a 375 H&H cause that 300 of mine weighs 9lbs with everything on it and even with 200gr bullets it doesnt come close to that Muzzle loader.
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