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  • Good deal, I sure like my ATACR but I was perfectly happy with a NSX 5.5~22 before the ATACR's came about. I still shoot the NXS on my smaller calibers but my 338 wears the ATACR.
    I read the article you wrote I have the NXS on a 308 and love it wanted something different. What retinal mar or moar t?
    Hello Patrick, if you want to take that 338 LM out to its limits the ATACR 5~25 would be a great choice!
    ordered a bench source today and ordering a set of redding dies and bushing tonite thanks for all the help and suggestions that you have gave me . Patrick
    Patrick, I have the Bench Source annealing machine and I am very pleased with it.
    Glad the suggestions worked out. It sounds like you have your rifle shooting very well. Congrats!
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