338 thunder


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Nov 28, 2009
I wish to learn more about the thunder and also where i might be able to get the dies so i may build one of these monsters. thanks
I'm fairly sure that it is a 338 lap with modifications for improved case capacity.

You need to talk to Goodgrouper and search his threads on the round. There is a thread thats got heaps of info on it.

I'm sure he will point you in the right direction.

I would like to know the specs and see a pic of Goodgroupers 338 Thunder if he wouldn't mind posting it.
I wish you hadn't posted that link. I got thru 20 pages and had to stop.
Nice to find out about the 338 Thunder thou.
Goodgrouper did my load work up on my 270 amp if you want to get ahold of him 7mmrhb may be able to help you if he doesn't reply to this thread or I might still have his # I could pm you if I can find it
Thanks DUH, Goodgrouper may i have some information for you so i can build a thunder. Whapaho....
Read GoodGrouper's thread. That thread had the all the names of everyone that did work on his rifle as well as a drawing of the chamber and who he had grind it for him. If you read through you'll find what you need. He even goes through his bullet testing.
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