338 RUM brake or no brake?


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May 21, 2004
I'm looking at building a heavy 338 RUM 29" straight taper approx. .950 at muzzle. I have a HS tactical stock on hand so it looks like thats what it will be set in. Are you guys mainly shooting brakes on the .338 RUM's. Whats the recoil like without one.
Any advice appreciated. Hope to use 250 SMK's
Been shooting a 338 Ultra in a SF Sendero. Recoil is just a push even off the bench. Don't need a brake in my view.
No brake needed!!!
But you'll get punched though!

Mine is a Win pre'64, SS, w/26" shilen.
Love this rifle!!
you to have to hold the 338 RUM a little tight without a brake.i can't prove it but i think it would tend to hurt accuracy some.i say that because benchrest shooters shoot free recoil for the best in accuracy.i got about 1 inch at 117 yards with my sendero without a break.it now has a brake but also has an accuracy job by R.W.HART and a HART barrel and some more work from HART.it shoots like a bench gun as far as accuracy goes now.will a 338 RUM work with a winchester mod 70 in win 338 mag bolt face,thanks,keith
There is no accuracy advantage to shooting a heavy recoiling gun that i am aware of so why take the unnecessary pounding? In long range benchrest you either shoot a heavy gun that averages around 65 pounds or you use a brake on a light gun at 16.5-17 pounds.If there was a good point to excessive recoil everyone would be getting flattened at every shoot but as there isn't get a brake and leave the tough guy stuff to Hollywood.
HEY im new to this board. i put a kdf break on my ultra mag, just because i get into shooting positions that are not the same every time and i dont want to get layed open when im hunting.
my rifle only weighs 7 1/2 lbs so it barks a little without it.
the benchrest game is where accuracy is made.they use a light trigger and shoot groups under .2 if they used a 8 pound trigger they would not shoot .2 groups.they do not hold a gun tight.with a break i do not hold a 338 rum any where near tight.a light grip you can repeat shot after shot a heavy grip is not as easy.you can hold a gun tight and shoot good. i just think i shoot better with a light grip on the stock and pull into the shoulder.i shoot my 50 bmg free recoil thanks,keith
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