338 Lapua Improved

Tyler Kemp

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Aug 10, 2006
Columbia, MO
Well, it's been a while, but I like shooting more than taking pictures. ;)

Action-8500 Lawton, fluted bolt, dual ports
Barrel-32" Broughton, with some deep flutes
Stock-Mcree Precision
Trigger-Jewel 1.5oz-??lb
Brake-SSG Xtreme
Topped with a Sightron SIII on a 40 MOA base.





Is that the same rig I saw you post pics a while back, or is that another rig that just looks similar?
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Very nice stick. Does it shoot as deadly as it looks.Let's see some range reports on that badboy.
It will do a 300 grain bullet at 3000 fps pretty easily. It haven't shot many groups with it, but at 750 yards with a stiff wind it shot 2.5" group, I headshot a possum at 200 yards, hit a lot of metal with it. It's pretty sweet and not much recoil. It weighs 22 lbs all ready to shoot.
Will do after this weekend. Might go to a mile! It has shot a 2 inch group at 750 so far, the only real group I shot for. 200 rounds through it as I type.
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