325wsm bullets for bears

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  1. wasgas

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    Nov 14, 2009
    I am planning an Alaska black bear trip and need some help deciding on some good bear bullets. I found away to get a little bear hunting in on our summer vacation to Alaska and wanted to take my son and try to track down a couple of bears. I will be shooting a BLR open sites and an X-Bolt with a 3-9 scope on it both in 325wsm. I am expecting most opportunites to be within 50 yards but may be as for out as 300 yards. I shot one bear with 200 GR Nosler AB with great results but in my BLR but had a backed off load for them, I have seen where others were less than pleased with them when moving faster, should I keep using them and shoot the same bullet in both guns?
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    Dec 8, 2009
    Test and see how each gun shoots. Or the one gun, I think you need a scope or be good with iron sights to wring out accuracy. I have shot competitive at a state level w/ both.I started w/180 tsx in my 325, liked the ballistics, but thought I had a few issues with penciling. The tsx was accurate I SHOT 1/2 @ 100. But the 200 nab shoots about the same w/ more E, and that is what I shoot now.I consider this more of a mid range gun as it looses E at much over7-800
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    Mar 30, 2010
    Nosler Accubond
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    Dec 23, 2009
    If 300 ish is tops, why not go partition or A-frame or Bear Claw, if your concerned with bonded bullets.
    Imo there's nothing at all wrong with an Accubond. In fact that's partly why I shoot Accubonds is because of bad experiences with fragile type bullets when I bump into critters at close range. Bonded bullets still work. I shot an Oregon record book black bear at 27 yds with my 270 wsm. First put him down, DRT. 2nd mostly to calm my nerves, as he wasn't expected, especially that close. Neither bullet passed thru! My buddy did the same at 60 ish yds with 338wm 225 Accubonds, no pass thru. DRT.
    Last year I smoked one at 190yds. No pass thru. Again DRT.
    I have yet to see a bonded bullet fail, & completely come apart, close or far. But penetration is all the way to the skin on the off side every time with bears.... No matter the range.....Weird huh.
    I've shot deer with fragile bullets & had total bullet failure. I'm talkin whackin a deer behind the shoulder, hitting a rib, & finding pieces of copper & lead clear down the near leg. Luckily, enough bits & pieces made it to the vitals. Sucker ran off better than 100 yds! That was with an ol' 30-06 with 180 gr flat base, cup& core bullet, at 30 ish yds. Not hot loads. That was the last time I used a non bonded, or non partitioned bullet for anything deer size & bigger.
    Now, understand that I'm from Eastern Oregon, & I hunt wide open places, so close shots aren't exactly common, but I'm sticking with a tough bullet from now on. Weather its bonded, or a partition style depends, but never again with frags.
    If the Accubonds work well in both rifles, id use em'.

    I always wanted a BLR in 325 just for bear whackin. Just seems to go hand in hand. Lucky you. Let me know how it works out, even if you have to P.M. me. I'd really like to know.
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    Oct 2, 2008
    When the Accubond first came out I used 225gr 338 caliber on everything( Extensive testing). Switching from Partitions for the Accubond. I live in very populated Brown Bear country and must have bullet preformance.

    Now many years later I have confidently switched all hunting calibers over to the Accubond.
    1. Accuracy
    2.They stay together