31 sheep killed by wolves.........

Discussion in 'Wolf Hunting' started by mtnwrunner, May 18, 2013.

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    May 12, 2009
    So, one or our local ranchers (just down the "street" from me---next ranch over) has lost 31 sheep so far in the last couple of weeks. Our local liberal rag reports that the wolf moronic advocates say its because of the way that the rancher is currently lambing. Once again, its not the wolf's fault. Its everyone elses fault. Sound familiar??

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    Sep 12, 2012
    Here in the East our problem is large feral dogs going after the newborns. We usually go by the 3 S's, shoot, shovel and shut up.
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    Dec 8, 2009
    They also said he was baiting with the dead sheep.Called him and had death threats and BS. The F&G said NO he wasnt the sheep where buried,except one a grizz dug up.He killed wolf that was seen 5 miles away or 7 the day before and they said thats to far away for one day to be connected.What?I wa s hot on fresh track one day in jeep and by noon they where 6-7 mile and a guy shot one 5min. in front of me
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    This was a friend of mine in Gardiner MT but this sh...tuff is happening everywhere!

    The wolf he killed had a collar, so if the worthless sons a gun was so valuable why did the Jellystone Jacks not remove it from the area since they damn sure knew that is was right there. I believe it was not relocated because it was the product of a YNPS (Yellowstone National Park Service) study and it is my sensible opinion that this collared wolf was in fact one of the wolves involved in a known study and now is a liability!

    Might I add that YNPS had a bait station just across the Yellowstone River from where these sheep were killed. The Bait station was part of a mange study, on your dime.

    So these whiners knew the wolf was there, they conditioned it to utilize a food source provided by humans and then the rancher is blamed for feeding his sheep to the wild perfect pretty sweet loving snuggly Canis Lu-piss (wolf)?

    These sheep were killed and not eaten by these wolves in a pasture surrounded by homes in which the sheep owners grand children play in! Not to mention that these sheep were killed within miles of where the YNPS keeps at least one of the two yellow airplanes that the YNPS uses to conduct all their studies and track or locate collared animals in!

    This is no conspiracy, it is a fact that any sensible or willing human can see with your own eyes right in front of our faces at the Stevens Creek YNPS shop, service, and weapons range area!
    Go team IRS!
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    Jan 28, 2011
    The Park has signs everywhere "DO NOT FEED ANIMALS", the consequences of this are well known to everyone. Everyone not disadvantaged by higher education, or a government job anyway. Last time I was there you couldn't stop chewing a sandwich to take a drink without getting bitched at "are you gonna eat that".