300 WM, 300 WBY Mag or 300 RUM?


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Mar 25, 2003
If You guys had to choose only one of these, which would you choose for long range hunting? This will be used on Whitetails in Pa. Thanks for the help.
Iam a big fan of the .300RUM and the .300WM.

I would probably take the RUM in a close one. No belt!!

Define what you mean by "long range" too..sakofan..
on pa whitetail, all 3 are going to give you close to the same results. the wby will have a little more *** than the wm, and the rum a little more than the wby. a 200gr bullet is going to wreak havoc on a deer regardless of whether its doing 2700 or 3100fps.

Surely no one named Samson is worried about the kick from a little ole rifle!

Seriously, though. These calibers do recoil significantly in rifles that weigh little enough to be carried. That's why I shoot an 18 pounder with a good brake.

I watched a new friend of mine blast away with a 30-378 in a rifle that couldn't have weighed 9 pounds total. It was absolutely hilarious - his hat was falling off and his eyeglasses knocked sideways on every shot...
Like smittyj, I had the Sendero .300RUM, and a Sako 75 .300WM.

I think the Winnie kicks harder.
I put a muzzle brake and a trigger job on it,(Sendero), and enjoyed it enormously!!

1200yds??...OH YEAH!! Great caliber. But, so are the other 2..sakofan.
I recently purchased a Remington Sendero in the 300 Ultra Mag. I love it! After sighting it in I shot three rounds, 150 grn factory ammo, at 300 yards and the end result was a ragged hole. Very nice rifle. Im in the process of getting a newstock (McMillian)and a new trigger (Jewell<--sp). This rifle will become an excellent long ranger for sure!
On the .300 RUM plan on the recoil being double that of a 7mm Rem Mag. A brake will get it back down to 7 mag levels.

For consideration, the recoil of the .300 RUM is roughly the same as the recoil of the .338 RUM. The .338 has higher BC bullets, better wind-bucking, and much greater terminal performance. Food for thought. Don't want to confuse the issue though... :)

Mark in Utah
Mark-In Utah,
How is the accuracy in the 338. Is the brass selection any better?
I shoot the 150gr outta my 300 rum. I'd say the kick is about the same as my 7mm STW. Maybe just a hair less.
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