300 Weatherby build for long range Elk

Ok guys I need some help, I want to build a rifle for long range Elk hunting next year in Montana. I have enough points I SHOULD get one. What I want to do is build a rifle for long range elk hunting between 300-600 yards. I was thinking about building it off of a Weatherby Vanguard in 300 Weatherby then replacing the barrel, stock, trigger, and whatever else you guys might suggest. I am in the dark on this a little, so any help would be nice. Another thing is I don't want to go with some ridiculously heavy barrel. Honestly, I was thiking about a Shilen #2 contour barrel. I would like to keep the rifle at less than $1200 plus optic. The scope I am thinking about is the Vortex Viper PST 4-16x50.
For everything you’ve described, once it’s put together and ready to go, I’d run the 180 or the 166 grain Hammer Hunters and call it a day. It’s hard to beat the the performance in accuracy from 0 to 600 yards.
Howdy, if your trying to run over 180 - 185 out of the 300 Bee. Good Luck. I'm a Weatherby Fan, I have a hand full of them. Once you venture over 185gr in Weatherby, get you a 30-378. NOW you can run all the way to 240. If you want the 215gr area, 300WM or 300RUM and the 30-378. I have all of these, above 215 use the 30-378. If your in the area of 200 to 220 Rum it. Over 220 30-378. Up to 215 Win.Mag. it. Hope this helps. 😉
I have a stock Walmart special Vanguard from the 90s that will shoot under .75 MOA with handloads. I did change the trigger to a timney and added a muzzle brake. Other than that it is completely stock.

If you dont have the rifle already get one of the Vanguard with a factory brake and send it. It should be fine to 600 yards.