300 wby vanguard


Feb 24, 2015
Southeast iowa
Hello everyone new to the forum, I just purchased a weatherby vanguard in 300 weatherby mag. I would like to hear some input, don't know much about this rifle or caliber. Bought it used for $350. Probably just use it to punch paper and shoot steel.
I have been looking at the axiom stock, anybody use one of these? Looking forward to hearing some input. Thanks!
300 wby is a powerful and good, long range round out of an accurate rifle with good ammo. for targets weight is an advatage
the only issue I had with mine is magazine length I only shoot 150gr hornadys sp with h4831 but if you want heavy bullets you have to seat really deep for magizine
Thanks for the input guys. 180 is what i'm planning on shooting, kind of a bummer about the magazine but for what I'm doing just single loading should be fine. What kind of accuracy are you getting out of your?
the accumark 300roy I got going last fall is shooting either the 225 hdy hpbt or 220 smk over a heap of 7828 in wby brass lit by a 215. These two pills or the heavier bergers are where I'd start. The 300roy's I've seen don't even seem to try to shoot well until you get to 180gr or heavier.
As already noted the magazine length is an issue with the Vanguard, but not so much with the Mark V. With my Vanguard I'm planning on using Barnes 180gr TTSX's as they are not that picky about seating depth. Between the short(er) box and the freebore they should still work well.
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