300 wby bullet selection



Personaly I like the 180gr bullets for the 300Wby , their longer and are generaly more accurate out of factory guns with long throats.

I've been using the 180gr Nosler Ballictic tips in mine for a few years now with ogg results. They are pretty devistating at high velocities. The Hornady SST are good bullets also.

If you gonna be shooting at ranges less than 300yds then I would sugest you find a load that will alow you to shoot the 180 slower , like in the 2800-3000fps range. You don't need a super flat shooting un if the ranges arn't gonna be that long.

My light load is 73 grs of H4350 , it gives a velocity of just over 2900fps ,it a good accurate load and the recoil isin't abusive


Dec 22, 2003
I would like to hunt deer with my 300 wby mag. What would be better to use 150 gr, 165 gr. or 180 gr. barns x or nosler bullets.? I heard the 180 are more accurate?? Premium bullets are expensive and I don't want to purchase several trial boxes. Also I figure the 180 gr. won't do as much meat damage at ranges within 100 yds. What are your suggestions???

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