.264 win mag

Love/Hate :)

They can be a pain to find a load that works just right, but once you find the sweet spot, they can be your best friend :D

I like 140gr bullets myself.

SLOW powder is the key with this caliber.

Even though I am a big fan of the 264, I can see why it died & the 7mm took off.
I hunted with a Model 70 264 for years and killed several big bull elk at long range with it. Still one of my favorite rifles. If I had a complaint it would be that the velocity caused a lot of trauma and wrecked alot of meat. I never shot an elk more than once though!
I have a custom M70 with a 26" SS barrel and just got some 140gr Berger to test. Along with some 120gr TSX and 130gr Accubond. Will post my results.
Have always shot 140's but others have had good luck down to 120gr but find it dificult to find a load not too finicky.
I've had a crush on this caliber since I was 12 so I'll never say anything bad about it.
This year I want to play around with some of the X bullets as well as the Berger VLD's as other are having great luck w/ them but I'm wondering about performance on whitetail.
I traded my hunting buddy out of one in Oct. 2008. It had just been built and did not have over 40 rounds through it. Rem. 700 with a CM Shilen 27 3/4" barrel. Man is it a screamer. I settled on a load of 66.5 grs Retumbo, CCI 250, WW case reformed from 7mm Rem mag, 130 Nosler Accubond ten thousands off the lands. It will shoot in the 4's at 100 and is going 3350 fps. Laser beam with the hammer of Thor on deer. Shot 4 deer this past season with it from 98 to 275 yards and dropped them in their tracks. The 264 Win mag is a hunting round not a target round unless you want to replace your barrel often. If you work up a load and only check your zero with a few shots and just hunt with it they will last you a life time.
Bought a Rem. cdl when they come out in 07, what a dream to shoot. Shootn 120 nosler BT around 3300. I might be able to get a little more out of it, have not messed with it, shoots really good with that load.
The 264 win mag was my father's rifle of choice and when I turned 13 he gave his to me. Since then it has become my favorite caliber. Now I have three 264 Win Mags. A mint pre-64 model 70, a later post 64 model 70 win, and my newest is a custom I built three years ago. I built it on a Win 70 post 64 action. I trued the action, installed a 28" shilen barrel, and a hogue stock with the aluminum bedding block. My best load is with H1000 and Hornady SST's. It seems to shoot the 140gr and 129gr equally well. It also likes the Berger VLD's as well. The 28" barrel will launch the 140's right at 3400 fps, and shoot's in the .4's at 100yds. On deer and feral hogs it has been devastating.
I also was passed down a .264 from my uncle. A factory Rem 700 with a 4 digit serial number so it is old. I killed all of my firsts with it except my first elk (it fell to a .300 wby) and it does the job on everything in North America very well, maybe with the exception of the larger bears and I'm sure it could kill those too. I have taken several moose and who knows how many deer with it.
Once you have owned one for a while you will never be without one. They really do make a guy have a real soft spot for them.
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