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Oct 1, 2009
Okey boys and girls here we go. I have a Remington 700 BDL in 25-06...blue and wood. I've had it for quite a few years and it has served well in taking a few Dall sheep and gotten out with but a small scratch on the stock. It has since been retired from serious use due to it's successful service in harsh conditions. I want to rebarrel it now and use it as a dedicated coyote/wolf rig.

I'm going to put a 26" tube on it and plan on shooting bullets in the 80-100 grain range. Question is, what is the preferred twist rate for the given bullet weight? Another question is this: Would there be a decisive advantage to going with a 25-06 AI?

Thanks in advance for any input.
1-10" twist will work great for that range of bullets up to 120 grains. You really have to decide if fireforming brass is something you are willing to do. The standard 25-06 has been know to stretch brass, but the ackley version stays put. The fire forming loads also shoot great so use them for normal plinking, and think of it as an upgrade when you get to load the improved version. Expect about 200 fps over the parent cartridge. I just measured one of my ackley rounds and it holds 70-71 grains of water.

85 grain nosler ballistic tips have been known to rip coyotes in half. 3800-3950 fps can be obtained with the 85 gr bullets. 100 gr expect 3500-3600 fps. Step up to the the 115 grain berger vld's and start plinkin away at 1000 yards. This is long range hunting right? gun)Pretty versatile if you ask me. Not saying the 25-06 won't get the job done, but the ackley will just do it a little better.
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I agree with going with a heavier/higher BC bullet... they will still be smoking and flat shooting. I'm looking at rebarreling my Sendero soon as the bore is thoroughly fire cracked according to the smith. However it's still shooting well. Anyway, I've been debating the same question. the AI is a great cartridge, but it means new dies and fireforming. If I did go the AI route I would get Lapua 30-06 brass to fireform. I'm also considering using the GS HV 100 bullets which have only a slightly less advertised BC than the Nosler and Berger 115 bullets and will get a much faster vel. I would expect 4000 + out of an AI and the Bergers wont take that. They are a monometal and would be good for pelts.

Right now I'm leaning toward the standard 25-06, but the AI is tempting.

Good shooting,

Thanks for the input. I'm going to kick it around for a bit and make a decision. Where is a reliable place to get AI load data?
I have the .25-06 AI and own 5 other .25-06's and I have a whole new respect for the .25-06AI after this season. I'm still needing to find the perfect load for the 115 Berger VLD match but dang that thing shoots flat. 1 antelope at 550 give or take and the other at 700. I'm having my old .25-06 Rem 700 ADL Ackley Improved as fast as I can so I have another gun thats a bit lighter than the Custom rifle I am using now just to use for those days when I don't want to beat up the custom gun. Plus one that is just a bit lighter for when I have to walk forever.
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