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Mar 25, 2007
Would like to get as many opinions on using .22lr for coyotes. What bullet would be best as well?

Thanks guys,

I have never shot a yote with a 22, but if I were to use one for hunting it would be a semi auto 10/22, Marlin 60, or the like with CCI Velocitors....I would be shooting for a one shot kill but would keep shooting until I couldnt see it anymore.

223 would work better.
Looking at using the 22 for 50 yards or so and in. Most of the country around here is thick, so shooting much farther would be hard anyway. Looking to preserve as much of the pelt as possible.

The Stingers right now are my 1st choice for ammo. Was hoping that some of you guys had used a .22lr for coyotes.

Thanks for the replies,

I have killed a Coyote with a 10/22 when I was a lot younger and did not even think twice about it. It was at a 100 yards and you would of thought I hit it with a big bore rifle the whole point is shot placement a .22 lr is more than capable of killing a yote at 100 yards the biggest question is are you capible. The most important thing in my book is making a quick kill and not making the animal suffer. I don't sell or save the hides so I use my .270 wsm mostly just for the practice for deer and elk season. I was using just some bulk ammo that I bought at a Walmart nothing special but, if I were to go today with my .22lr I would use cci they seem to be most consistant. Hope this helps.
I've killed many coyotes with a 10/22 as far as bullet's go I've used rem. golden bullet and cci stingers. As long as there hollow points and your gun likes them no problem. Head shots preferred
You mean like a coyote with his foot in a trap ?

The little cb's should do fine .

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" :D:D:D

Stingers will work but placement is key. Headshots between the eye and ear willl be best but heart/lung will also work but probably wil entail soem tracking as the 22LR does not have enough energy to reliably put a Coyote down right away.
At that range a 12ga w/#4 buck might be a better choice.
I have used a .22 mag does the job but hunt in the east .Also have used a 30/06 do not care about hide just want to get rid of the bastards.Now use 5.56 with dog town bullets mainly because it is cheaper than 30/06 and easy to carry with sing point sling and also have rails for night hunting lighting .
I've shot a couple with my 10/22 I live in an area with a bunch of 80 acre dairy farms and just drive around with a spotlight at night..22 with a bull is way quieter than my center fire which makes ir nice to use while farmers are sleeping ( I do have permission to shoot). I always used American eagle bulk pack but am liking the velociters more. That all said I would get a marlin 917 bull barrel. It's one of the most accurate guns I've ever had not much louder than the .22lr if you get the bull barrel version and way flatter shooting than the .22, wish I wouldn't have sold it. Oh and they run about the same price as a the basic10./22.
My neighbor has killed 6 or 7 yotes the past year with his 22LR. We have a coyote problem here and I appreciate every one he hits because I'm tired of losing livestock. He's probably hit 4 or 5 more that ran off and I don't care if they don't drop dead on the spot or run off. I don't think the ones that were hit will come back. They suffer much less than my butchered goats did.

All his hits have been anywhere from 65-110 yards. The CCI Velocitors seem to be an accurate fast 40g round at about 1435 fps. Do not get the CCI Stingers. Very inacurate.

So a larger or faster caliber round would put them down faster and more often, but I don't care anymore. Not at all inhumane to me. I would shoot them with a pellet gun if that's all I had at the time. Have fun.
Stingers are the best .22LR ammo for fox and/or coyotes... they ARE NOT for use in a Ruger 10-22 as is clearly stated in the CURRENT Ruger owners manual. This is due to the Stinger casing being .010 longer than a standard .22LR case. A simple solution is to have your Gunsmith deepen your chamber .012 and thereafter ONLY use Stingers. Be aware the design of the bullet gives fits with feeding reliability. They are worth the effort though when you get it right. Keep your shots under 150 yards, go for head shots and be ready for a quick follow-up shot. Keep your powder dry.:)
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