2018 Meeker Cow Elk


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I snuck up on this here snoozing cow elk and snapped off a selfie!

Actually, had a great hunt with my wife 3rd season in CO. The plan was to just keep an eye on a drainage that has thick beds at bottom and top. We hung tight in position from 5:45 until 9am when 5 cows marched up the drainage to about 130 yards when the lead cow presented herself and I placed one 300WSM round thru her shoulder. This side in the pic is the exit wound side. That 175 grain Berger VLD Hunting bullet, performed flawlessly at about 2900fps. My Tikka T3 in this caliber loves the heavier 180grain class bullets... something I discovered thru the study of reviews and my experience when I started loading 175-180gn vs 165gn.

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