1. One Hole

    SOLD/EXPIRED Ammo/Brass Added - Full Custom Borden Alpine Mag 300WSM - with or without Swaro Z6 3-18x50 and Alas Bipod

    Original buyer, built in 2008, less than 100 rounds fired. See attached build sheet. Rifle was ordered with custom load development by Borden for sub-.5 MOA rounds. 100 accurate big game hunting rounds were also purchased from Borden. These have 168 Barnes TTSX bullets and I still have 12...
  2. E

    300wsm tikka build help

    I have a tikka t3 300wm I'm using to build a 300wsm on. I'm waiting on my carbon six 26inch 300wsm barrel to come in. I already have my stock, the stockys longrange carbon fiber. It is cut for the cdi bottom metal. My question is about the bottom metal and magazines, cdi has the option for long...
  3. CO_Guy

    2018 Meeker Cow Elk

    I snuck up on this here snoozing cow elk and snapped off a selfie! Actually, had a great hunt with my wife 3rd season in CO. The plan was to just keep an eye on a drainage that has thick beds at bottom and top. We hung tight in position from 5:45 until 9am when 5 cows marched up the drainage to...
  4. sydhunter

    Sambar Stag at 482 yards - 300wsm

    I thought this might interest members using the various 300 magnums. We returned from our annual hunt in the Alpine National Park in Victoria- Australia. I had the opportunity to harvest a stag at 482 yards with my 300wsm (Fierce Carbon titanium) shooting 175 LRX handloads. The stag only took...
  5. TexSavage

    PMAG Mods for 300wsm

    I am getting ready to buy a CDI or PTG bottom metal for my Savage Model 12 in 300WSM. Will have my smith do the inletting on my McMillian A5-ADJ which is a blind mag on the model 12. My question is has anyone done mods to a Magpul short action mag for bolt rifles to accommodate the 300wsm? I had...
  6. D

    Gradous Rifle 300 WSM Left Hand

    Gradous Rifle, Left Hand. HS Precision stock, Defiance Rebel action, Brux stainless fluted 24" Barrel 1 in 8 twist, Tuned Remington trigger, HS Precision bottom metal with one magazine. Round count is less than 100. $2650 shipped and insured CONUS.
  7. S

    7mmx300wsm reloading

    I am new here, Hi Guys! I had a question for you. I have Rem 700 5r milspec. It was .308. I had GA Precision re-chamber it for 300wsm. I had been thinking of re barreling it to 7mmx300wsm to take advantage of the high BC bullets. I have a bunch of 300wsm brass. whats the scoop on reloading...