berger vld

  1. SofaKing

    270 Berger VLD Hunting 150 gr

    New open box 100 count Berger VLD Hunting 270 cal 150 grain. $55 tyd lower 48.
  2. charliehorse27

    22 cal Berger Bullets

    I have for sale the following bullets: 1 1,000 ct box 22 cal Berger 80 gr VLD Target ---- $270 shipped ***SPF*** 1 ~900 ct box 22 cal Berger 80 gr VLD Target ---- $240 shipped ***SPF*** 2 100 ct boxes + 80 pieces 22 cal Berger 52 gr FB Varmint ---- $70 shipped ***SPF*** 1 1000 ct box 22 cal...
  3. BoatTail

    7mm WSM, 162 gr bullet, RL26, 3170 fps?

    I have been considering a number of short action WSM cartridges to build a rifle around for sheep hunting and just a lighter carry. I recently found Alliant is showing that the 7mm WSM with 162 grain bullets and reloader 26 is able to obtain 3171 feet per second out of a 24-inch Barrel. This is...
  4. Daegon

    338 RUM & 243 win data

    Hey gang hunting season is over for me and it’s time to start some load development over the winter. I have some 250 gr Berger elite hunters I wanna load and I’m also looking at some possibly some elds and would love some feedback on loads with temp stable powders on em to start with. I also...
  5. D

    2018 Meeker Cow Elk

    I snuck up on this here snoozing cow elk and snapped off a selfie! Actually, had a great hunt with my wife 3rd season in CO. The plan was to just keep an eye on a drainage that has thick beds at bottom and top. We hung tight in position from 5:45 until 9am when 5 cows marched up the drainage to...