200 gr accubond


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May 27, 2002
new orelans, la.
I have a new 300 win mag & purchased some 200 gr. Accubond. Has anyone loaded this bullett yet? I have Rem Sendero that had bore polished, action trued, etc. I am looking for some loads that have shot well.
Several of us are shooting it in the 300 RUM... I haven't tried any in my .300WM, but have 5 boxes ordered from D&R and will be shooting them soon.
I found H4350 to work very well for accuracy in my 300WM. I used a 200 Gr Accubonds moly coated, 300 WM Remington brass (volume is important here), Federal 215M primers, 67 Gr Hodgdon H4350, COL 3.350". Not the fastest load, but so far the most accurate with 0.5 MOA. According to my Quickload software this should yield a internal pressure of around 60k psi which seems about right when compared to other reloading data.

Again according to Quickload the 'ideal' powder is Norma MRP but I went for temp stability and a powder that's readily available so I stuck with Hodgden.

I am not shooting the Accubond but I do shoot the 200gr Sierra GK quite a bit out of my 300 Win Mag. Right now I am using WW Cases, CCI 250 Primers and RL22. I am getting a little better than 2900FPS and it shoots very well out of my Ruger. Scotty
Try some H4831 sc It is very heat stable and predictable.

Start at arround 66gr and work up (70 to72gr should be max).

I use 91/2 mag primers (Tried the 215s and they were to hot causing
poor SDs).

This was my best load for 1000 yrd matches (Using the 200gr MK).


Brass: Once fired Federal
Powder: 71.5gr H4831SC
Bullet: 200gr NAB
Primer: CCI 250
COAL: 3.62" (base to tip, not ogive)

Rifle: All factory SAKO M995 .300WM 23 1/2", 1:11

Scope: 4.5-14.5x40 Leupold B&C

Distance: 100 yards


Still have more room for refinement.

Good luck and happy safe reloading and shooting.

I use 73.2gr Re22, 2950 fps, but note this is book max so go down and work up. This is in a Sendero seated out just short of the lands.
First my disclaimer: CAUTION!!! This load is for MY rifle NOT yours! and while it is safe in my rifle it may not be safe in yours. If you blow yourself up with this load data, I am not responsible as you should NEVER try someone else's loads without proper knowledge, caution, and work up.

Remington 700 SPS 26" barrel
73.2gr Hodgdon 4831SC
Federal Gold Medal 215M
OAL 3.528
Winchester Brass
200gr Nosler Accubond
Velocity = 2925fps with low single digit SDs

Primers were just beginning to show pressure signs but nothing sevear (in my rifle) and surprisingly one more grain of powder showed no increase in primer flattening or cratering but SD increased
I used to shoot them in the .300 Jarrett. Pushed by 78 gr. of RL22 they chrono'ed 3028 fps. This was a max load in my rifle. Accuracy was good, shooting .75 MOA. They were death on elk, and didn't do too bad on marmots either.
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