1st deer hunt this yr?

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    Apr 2, 2009
    Well i finally put in for a deer hunt this yr. Pretty positive that i am going to get a tag. But my question is, Do i hunt with a light bullet going fast or do i hunt with a heavy bullet going slower? I will be using my .243 which i use most of the time for hunting yotes. I will be hand loading my ammo. The lighter bullet in question would be a 85 gr BTHP. Called a bullet manufacture and he told me that would be all that i needed for that caliber to take mule deer. The heavier bullet? The area i will be hunting will have both open and covered areas. I live in the high desert southwest. So the area can be open areas and to thick covered cedar and some areas pine trees. So my range can be from 100 yds to 400yds. I will not have to battle the wind as much during ealry Oct around here. Well any info would be helpful. Thanks.:D
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    Oct 31, 2009
    My son has used nothing but a .243 for the last 7 years, and has taken more Wyoming muleys (doe deer included) than I can remember.

    Most have been one shot, the ones that weren't were due to running shots or "Buck Fever".

    I think the .243 is just as deadly as a 50 BMG......assuming a heart, lung, liver, spine or brain shot. I don't think the big bores are any deadlier than the .243 if the shot hits low leg, mostly muscle, pelvic region, "gut" shot, ect.........in other words, it's all about shot placement.

    One thing to caution...........Quartering shots beyond 300 yds.

    Heavy Bone (point of shoulder or pelvic region) will surely inhibit the .243's ability to penetrate far enough to reach the vitals. I've personally witnessed a 100 grn. Barnes bullet NOT exit on a high shoulder/spine shot at around 50-75 yds. The recovered bullet still weighed 95 grns. The point of shoulder and pelvic bones are even heavier than the shoulder blades are, and a sharply angling shot at long distances puts alot of demand on a bullet to reach the vitals.

    As long as you pay attention to good shot placement/shot angle, I think the .243 will do whatever you need it to do out to 400 yds on Muleys. If you plan on "Body Shots", pick a good bullet. If you're a crack shot and aim for heart, brain or spine.....most of the heavier bullets in that caliber are more than enough IMO.

    Good Luck
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    my neighbor took a large 320 lbs, 170" grosss score buck with his 243 at 370 some odd yards and dropped him where he stood. the next year taking a 230lbs, 173 5/8ths" at 107yards and the buck dropped where he stood. factory remington 100grain ammunition.
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    Feb 15, 2009
    I can only echo what has already been said, it's about shot placement. I don't think you could go wrong going with a heavier bullet either.