156 Berger EOL


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Sep 21, 2016
Great results so far with the 156 in 6.5 PRC. Loaded to mag length on my Bergara it is .035 off the lands. Running under .5 MOA between 55 and 56.5gr of H1000. Settled on 55.5gr at an average of 1/3 MOA with single digit SD/ES. Swapped rounds between the Mauser and it seemed to like it as well, with two .9" groups at 200 yards. Both rifles didn't like the Hornady 143 and 123gr offerings, and would barely get sub .5 MOA.

I had bad luck with Berger's on past 30 cal rifles I tried them in, but my experience so far in 6.5 is these are very accurate and consistent bullets. No pressure signs and I am sure I can go higher as its only about 2875fps, but I only have a few pounds of H1000 left, and no replacement ADG brass is available yet.


55.5gr H1000
ADG/Gunwerks Brass
210M Primer
2.975" oal