1000 yard paper puncher & Varmint rig question


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May 28, 2001
I'm starting to build my only true long range rig. I want to be able to compete in the IBS
1000 yard both light and unlimited class so
I plan on keeping it at 17 lbs. Although
it will probably see more long range prairie
dogs and coyotes. Nobody is holding 1000 yard
matches here in Texas yet.

What do you guys think of a 6.5/WSM?
I'd like a 7mm/WSM but I can't seem to find
any match grade bullets in 7mm. I heard a couple guys are making 6.5's.
Or should I just shoot it .30 caliber?
How long should the barrel be?
And what twist with what bullet weight would you recommend with these different calibers?

I already have 250 pieces of WSM brass and the stock.

It is going in a Tooley MBR type stock.
Some guy is making an almost excate duplicate
of this stock,it's a little heavier and doesn't have that textured finish on the grip and the price was right.

I will be using a Viper or Python action.

Thx. folks
For the 7mm match grade bullets, Berger makes an excellent 180 grain VLD that shoot superbly from my 7 STW. They also make a 168 grain VLD, but I have no experience with them. I have also had good luck with the Sierra 168 MK and Hornady 162 A-Max. There are some excellent 7mm match bullets out there. Hope this helps.

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I am shooting a 7 Ultra and a 7 Dakota with Hornady 162 grain A-max bullets. Works pretty well for me and my riflesmith tells me quite a few of his Palma competitors are trying the A-max this days.

The BC is .625 and I feel this is crucial to first shot hits on long range game in the wind.
I am building a 6.5-284 for that purpose. Seems that many have already done this though. As for bullets my 300 ultra really like s the 178 grn a-max over the sierra. That is a first in my experiance MK's have always been the best grouping bullet bar non.

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I shoot the IBS 1000yd matches. Just finished the 2001 season yesterday in VA. I hate to say it but after making 19 of the 21 matches this season, I'm whipped. Time to kick back, watch some football or camp out in the tree stand for awhile....

As for the 6.5/300WSM. Nobody has given it a serious run yet that I know of, though there is a tremendous interest in it. But I can give you real experience with the straight 300WSM. It shoots!! I know of 2 that fellow shooters have and both aren't fully tuned yet, but have shot some great groups and scores already. At match #8 in Va a couple of weeks ago and man used one to shoot a 6" group with a perfect 100 score. This man and rifle won the previous match for score also.
This particular rifle is built with Jerry Stiller's action and I have played with 2 other Python's and 1 Viper action from Jerry and they look and feel very good. I don't beleive you'll go wrong with his actions. The Tooley MBR is a good stock. No questions there.

As for the 7mm bullets.... Berger and Bob Carturicio(sp?) make custom 7 mil bullets and they are top notch. I'm sure there's others also. Nothing wrong with the 7's they just aren't being used right now. But look back 5 or 10yrs at match reports and you hardly ever saw a 6.5 in 1000yd BR competition. Now they are second only to the old standby 30 caliber. Granted the advent of the light gun class promoted the 6.5(and other lighter calibers) to a degree but even the number of 6.5's in heavy gun class has grown a lot in the same time frame. But the 6.5 is gaining more ground every year.

If your new to the game I would recommend the 30 to start with. More data avaialble up front, easier to load for, bullets available on every street corner, and they have the track record of a proven winner. BUT your looking more for a critter gun that will be used for competition, so it not as cut and dried either. The 30 is more recoil and such for a critter gun.

Hope this gives you a couple of ideas to think about even though I didn't/can't answer you caliber choice question outright. That's up to you. Have fun!!!

Thx. Steve. This will be my fifth Viper action,I love them.
I guess it's a toss up between the 6.5 and 7mm I really don't want to shoot a .30 excattly for the reasons you gave.
I'm kinda fond of the 6.5 Gibbs. Shot another sub-moa group with it in Williamsport over the weekend (9 inches).

Ray Carley was shooting a 6.5WSM. It's shortened .020". He's in the "test 'n tune" stage right now.
The Remington SAUM necked to 6.5 is a nice set up. It is the same as a shortened WSM case without the hassle of using form and trim dies. The down side is that you have to use Remington brass which isn't great.
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