$1,000 LR rig


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Mar 15, 2004
What would be a good gun/scope for a thousand bucks or under? (long range for me would be around 800 yards for whitetails)
Hey Pahunter,

I'd go with a Savage 112 bvs or whatever the # is in 300 WM and a Leupold scope. At my local dealer I can get the rifle for 575 tax and all. The Leupold and mounts would be around 450 to 500 bucks tax included!

You would definitely be good out to 1000 yds.

"The Chuckster"
what kind of leupold scope? Would you suggest a mil-dot scope or anything like that?
Hey All,

If I were only hunting long range I like the mil dot styles but if you ever hunt in the timber or ever think you might be using the rifle for other hunting besides long range you tend to loose the reticles in low light.
(Not all versions are hard to find in low light, just some that I have used)

I have 6 differant Leupolds and love them all,but for me I really like to hunt with the duplex version just becouse its easy to find my aiming point no matter what the lighting conditions are,course theres always the lighted versions if legal in your State.

After shooting at some variouse distances at deer,(everything from 10 feet-700 yds)I dont have any issues using the duplex models. Not the thing for long range target shooting but I like the way these work for general big game hunting.

Good Luck!

I put a mil-dot on my .308 but when I get my Savage .300 WM and I am going to get one! I think I'll go with the new VX-3 8 X 25 I think is what it is I'm going with fine varmint crosshairs!

It's a little more but I believe it's worth it. It also has side parallax knob I like that much better than my Vari-X lll the parallax is out on the objective end of my mil-dot Leupold! It also has target knobs for yer comeups!

OBTW Oregonhunter my mil-dot leupold has duplex crosshair no problem seeing it under all conditions!

"The Chuckster"

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My 1000 meter cheap but good rig is a Savage Heavy Barrel 300 WM, with a Shepherd scope.
looks like everyone would go with a savage .300 winchester.

As for a scope, What is the purpose of the mil-dots? Oh yeah the gun is going to be for long range only.
The mil dots I have used are for range estimation and keep inmind at longer range some thicker crosshairs tend to cover some of your target up(sometimes too much)so this is another reason the mil dots are popular as well,they are made for longer range and seem to cover less of your target.

You dont see many long range shooters around here using super thick reticles,I tend to beleive its easier to get a more accurate aiming point with a mil dot. But like I said really dont mind using the Leupold duplex style either,and if you find a good deal on a Leupold that doesnt have the crosshairs you prefer they will change it for you for a little cash!

Its better in my opinion to buy it with the ones you want but sometimes you can come across a deal thats too good. I picked up a vari-xIII 4-14 and sent it in recently to Leupold to have a new one put in and it will be a lot cheaper than getting another scope all together!

I have a new Savage 12BVSS in 300WM with a brake and a Leupold 6.5x20 Vari X III did a number on a PA chuck last summer at 725yds

A $1000 LR rig is obtainable but you may have to do some shopping around, here on the internet and at your local gunshop(s).
I just found a Savage 110FP for $375 out the door. It's the older version without the AccuTrigger. I think some gunshops are selling these cheap to make way for the newer models. The older triggers aren't the best in the world but they can be adjusted and/or replaced. I think a Timney trigger will run you about $80.
As for scopes, let me say that I have always leaned toward Leupolds myself. However a shooting buddy is using a Bushnell Elite 4200 6x24x40 that is superbly clear and mechanically tracks as good as other, higher priced brands. He paid about $350 for it brand new. I was really impressed with the optical brightness and clarity of his glass. As a matter of fact, he has replaced all his Leupolds with Bushnells. I thought he'd gone off the deep end until I looked at and through his scopes objectively.
Good luck and happy shopping. Johnny K.
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