I had been looking for something like this for years. This is the perfect way to carry a heavy long range hunting rifle. The sling fits over both shoulders. I've used this double-shoulder sling made by Timber Butte Outdoors for years now and I absolutely love it! Similar to a biathlon sling I had, it leaves your hands free to glass or take range readings.

Sling swivels are sold separately. Webbing is 1" wide.

-- Len Backus--

I used this sling on my Colorado elk hunt this week. It's servicable. However the plastic clips that serve to hold the shilling to its swivels ate a weak point. The terrain where I hunt is steep. On my first day I slippedand feel on my day pack with the rifle strapped over it. The next day my rifle came lose in an abrupt fashion when the buckle/clip died.

My rifle carried securely and seemed to disappear. A similar slip this morning with my Eberlstock Just One left my rifle unblemished.

Bottom line? Great tool. Don't use it traversing down steep inclines.
This sling was bought for my wife as a present.I think I'll get another for myself.I was lucky enough to see the timber butte label and went there for instruction.I think this should be sent with the sling.I won't worry about her dropping her gun now in this steep Idaho country.thanks larry
I purchased a sling like this 15 yrs ago and made the mistake of loaning it to a friend (questionable now) ha but for other reasons and of course never got it back . When I saw these I purchased 2 of them giving one to my son for this coming hunting season ,he will be doing a lot of walking and will certainly need it. I just wish it had a better hookup for the butt stock to keep it flat against your back , other one did thats why I am mentioning this . still a great product and glad I purchased them.

THOMAS: This is Len. You can install a flush cup style of sling atachment on the side of the butt of your stock. If you decide to do so, call me and I'll give you my own locational advice.
I now have 2 so one has the old fashioned detachable sling swivels and one now will have the cup base style so I can move from one application to another ...
Really like it on my 15.5# 338 Rogue !!!!
And a chest strap would be a really good idea !!
I bought my 9yo son, and myself one of these slings. I have to say these are "tops" when it comes to lugging a rifle for significant distances or in a "fast-paced" day of coyote calling! My 9yo is no longer asking me to carry his AR-15 from the vehicle to yote calling sets as the day goes on. This product is indeed worth it's reasonable pricetag. My only suggestion would be more color or camo selections. The kid is into Zombie Green! Thanks again!!
I use this sling on my 24"barrel 6.5 Grendel from precision firearms. The upper receiver weights in around 11 lbs by its self. With this sling It distributes the weight very evenly across both your shoulders and feels great. If your on the fence about buying one just do it. you will be glad you did.
Very good product. Really helped with carrying my long range rifle.
I got one of these for my McMillan Tactical rifle that weighs 15 lbs with all the stuff on it loaded!! I couldn't think of any other way to carry this with a conventional sling!!! Once I stumbled on this one, I knew it was just what I would need!!! I love it & it works great with my rifle!!!!! Gives me ability to handle other things with both hands!!
Long overdue--this "packsling" really fills a niche'--makes my 21# cannon semi-portable. Additionaly, at least in my case, it puts me in far more control when carrying than any regular sling I've ever used.
I'm using this sling on my Marlin 30/30 lever action rifle, and for hiking through the woods I've found this to be the best sling for ease and comfort. You can tighten the straps so the gun sits close to your back and avoid overhanging branches that can snag your gun.
I'd definitely recommend it.
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