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  • Hunterbob: 2015 was not a good year for hunting. We had Wildfires in most of the hunting areas.
    Those areas not on fire, were closed for at least half the season, Politics mainly.
    Maybe this year will fare better. We have a new set of hunting regs to devour before season starts.
    hunterbob: I hunted the late deer season and inter mixed with turkeys.
    Only the weather was foul. The turkes left for lower levels and the deer
    were very skittish, So much for 2014.

    Anxiously Awaiting 2015 opener.
    I haven't seen a good ones to shoot but we got 2 or 3 does so far. I been after coyotes a hogs mostly.. Had to build a stand too...
    Hello hunterbob, Elk & Deer have been rather scarce this season. I imagine with the increase of the
    wolf packs, here in Oregon, we will see a larger diminish in both of the herds.
    I haven't seen any of those critters yet.
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