Zhumell 25-60x80mm Spotting Scope-Un boxing and Initial Impressions

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    Dec 8, 2012
    This is an un-boxing and initial impressions review of the Zhumell 25-60x80mm Spotting Scope. The scope was purchased

    from Binoculars.com for $228.41 shipped. This seems to be the same price other online retailers are offering the scope for. I was

    in the market for a decent spotting scope but did not have the finances to afford a Kowa or better brand. I owned a Kowa

    821n for several years and regretfully ended up having to sell it for financial reasons. After doing some searching I came

    across mention of the Zhumell. However their very few reviews and photos online of the scope to help make the decision. This

    review is my attempt to rectify this.

    Initial Impressions

    The Scope is a 25-60x80mm Spotting Scope the body is metal and the glass is bright and clear. The scope is quite heavy,

    weighting in at 3.85lbs (the Kowa 821n weighs 3.25 lbs for reference). It features a removable 20-60x eyepiece which

    appears very similar to some of the Vortex eyepieces. It has an 80mm objective lens, sun shade and rotating tripod mount.

    It also includes a camo slip case that allows the scope to be used while covered. One small issue, the camo eye piece cover

    of the slip case snaps on by two snaps and can be completely removed, this item should have a tether to prevent loss and I

    will fashion one to prevent this.

    Optical review

    I set the scope up on my tripod and began glassing around the neighborhood. The scope was very bright and clear and had

    good eye relief up to about 40x and then you needed to get right on the eyepiece. The eyepiece has a rotating eye cup that

    allows you to spin it up and set your eye relief at various magnifications. It has been about seven years since I had my

    Kowa, but I recently looked through a shooters at the range and I must say that this Zhumell is close if not as good as the

    Kowa. Across the field from my home is a house that I had previously milled out at 350yds. In the front of that house's yard

    was a 10"x 10" sign asking people to "keep of the Grass" I could read this sign with no problem at all. Swinging the scope

    to the right, I scoped a home some 200yds more distant and was able to read the 2" numbers above the door of the house

    clearly, this milling out at 560yds. I have a cheaper 20x60x80mm scope that I had been using and was unable to see either

    of these clearly enough to read them. I have yet to take this new scope to the range but I will add that data in this

    location once I do.


    Zhumell's site states, " this spotting scope is waterproof for all-weather capability, fog-proof to withstand quick

    temperature changes, nitrogen-filled to handle cold-weather condensation, and is equipped with fully multi-coated lenses".

    That said the physical construction seems very solid and well made. The metal housing is sturdy and gives you the feeling

    of quality. One small review on this scope I read complained about the construction of the tripod base as it has a web

    pattern supporting the tripod mounting threads. While I have not experienced any problems with this, I plan to fill the

    voids with a metal epoxy putty. Zhumell offers a 3-year no-fault warranty on the scope.


    Only time and use will tell. Once I take this to the range and see if I am able to view .30cal holes at 300yds and beyond

    will truly tell me if this Sub $200 scope is useful for long range shooting. With so many optics being made in the far east these

    days, as with most things there is overlap in the production of many products. One factory may churn out products for

    several different brands. Each brand my have their own quality standards. Often the same materials used in higher priced

    brands can be found in lesser named brands for lower cost. I hope this is the case.

    Stay tuned for the range report.

    Unboxing Video.

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    Feb 7, 2012
    I'll be following this and cant wait to hear the range report. I am in need of a cheap spotter and have looked at the Zuhmell stuff but been skeptical because they are now owned by Hayneedle (a company that owns and operates over 200 specialty online retailers) wich is who owns Binoculars.com and all the reviews at Binoculars.com seem almost "staged". The old Zuhmell stuff from before Hayneedle is good quality "cheap" optics. Birders used to rave about Zuhmell-Nowadays not so much.

    I am pretty sure that these days Zuhmell is only available from Binoculars.com or their sister companies.

    Looking forward to your expieriences with the Zuhmell.

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    Dec 8, 2012
    It is well built for sure and the glass is good. Hopefully next time at the range someone will have a Iowa or similar on hand to compare with. I'll try some photos thru both if I can. Just gotta find some ammo.