Zeiss or Swaro Spotting scope


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Dec 30, 2008
I am starting to save up for a good spotting scope. I have been looking at a Zeiss or Swaro glass. Any good recomendations? I would love to hear the bad experiences as much as the good. Dropping close to 2 grand on a spotting scope, I want to make sure all my bases are covered!
This is a case where 'better' is a subjective term. Eyes are like taste buds. No two the same.

You're going to have to let your eyes tell you which is better. I chose the Swaro over the Zeiss because I saw things better through it. A hunting guide friend of mine chose the Zeiss because he sees better through it. For that matter, you should be looking at other makes and models than just those two. Your eyes may like a Leica better or even a lupy or nikon.
I have a new Swaro HD 80 w/25-50 and a standard Nikon fieldscope non ED.

Low light and SOME color definition is the only place I can say my Swaro HD is better than my Nikon and this is comparing them side by side same-o same-o. IMO, certainly not $2500 worth better but better nonetheless.

If you are set on a Swaro spotter that's ok but don't spend the money for the HD. I've had both and couldn't see ANY difference between the two.

I haven't had the chance to look thru a ED Nikon fieldscope but if they are atleast as good as my standard fireldscope I would save that extra money for some Swaro EL binos because they truely are awesome. As for their spotters, IMO, not so much. :(
I would't bypass checking out the spotting scopes from Leica... they are excellent. The last three guided hunts I have gone on the guide has been using a Leica spotting scope. Something to think about... NJS
I have a swaro and love it. Swarovski has great customer service with a lifetime warranty, I dont know about the others.
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