Zeiss or Swaro. Spotting Scopes?


Apr 6, 2006
As said above, if you were going to spend the money for a high end spotting scope which way would you go?

Both scopes are basically the same price which way to go.

Is it personal preferance or is there a difference between these two scopes.


Swarovski CTC 30 x 75


Not sure about the Zeiss spotting scopes.(Most probably very good).
But I have recently purchased a Swarovski CTC 30 x 75.(Draw scope).
Very easy to carry and light at the same time.

Used it during the stag season for 2 weeks in Scotland.
In 2 words.'Absolutely brilliant'.
Well worth the money.

Good luck.
I have looked thru most of the upper end glass and went with the Leica 77 APO. It is the best Spotting Scope I have ever looked thru... FWIW
Just a thought

I agree on the Leica. It is spooky what you can see. Eye glass friendly eye piece too. I was able to easily make out a scoring ring at 300m (about 1/8" line).

Swav might not be the best choice if you wear glasses. I was using one at a F class match recently and it was horrible. I couldn't get a field of view larger then the top of a pencil and a big blurry black ring. What I saw was good though.

Pentax ED glass is superb too and a bit less money. HOWA and KOWA have very very nice eyepieces. Less money too but the Leica was still the best.

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