Zeiss or Swaro???

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Jul 20, 2007
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OK guys, I know this has probably been debated over already...but, I'm gonna order a new LRF tomorrow and need opinions tonight. I had a Bushy 1500 and not too bad (burned in my jeep). I have had a Bushy 800 for around 10 years and it finally gave out on me the other day. Excuse to upgrade and the wife gave me the ok!!!

Kinda funny how I need permission to spend my hard earned money...:rolleyes:

Want something for mostly deer (occasionaly elk)at 1000+, now I know that's asking a lot but that's what I'm hoping for. I've used MR. Peacock's and Mr. Marsh's Swarovski and, although slow, they will stretch on out there! The Zeiss is looking good due to reports of ranging smaller objects and being faster. The $200+ difference helps, but not the deciding factor.

Thanks guys!
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Sorry guys, I guess this has been beat to death lately. My wife had a work banquet we were going to and she gave me the go- ahead right before we were leaving and I didn't do a search on the topic. I kinda freaked out.

Anyways, today I called the Gander Mountain in Little Rock and they had both in stock (and the 1200 Leica compact). I made the 30minute drive to check them out. The salesman and I went outside for about 30 minutes ranging everything in sight. The Zeiss is great but just couldn't match the Swaro out past 1100 yards, but beat the Leica at longer ranges. It was easier to hold the Zeiss and Swaro still over a concrete berm. The Zeiss is extremely fast, almost annoyingly so. If you don't have it aimed perfectly at the intended target as soon as you hit the button (and you don't see the reticle until you do) it will instantly read whatever it's aimed at. In the clutter of the city I had to range the same object several times till I hit the right one. It was that fast... good or bad it's up to you.
The Leica seemed like a good piece of gear for the money (cheapest), but the Zeiss was faster and gave ranges past 800 that the Leica wouldn't. I would have chosen the Zeiss over it.
The Swaro was pretty slow (compaired to the other two) and sometimes took a couple tries to range most objects past 600, but was hittting trees and signs out past 1700yards. Like I stated, there was a lot of clutter (buildings, power lines and poles, trees and bushes, vehicles driving through, you get the idea) and I think the Swaro's large beam is what slowed it up.

I had to go with the Swaro, it just seemed to have better long range performance (ranging ability). Did I pay the $999 price that Gander wanted? No freaking way, I went out to my truck and called SWFA and got one off the Sample List for $763 delivered...with waranty.

Take it for what it's worth- Thirty minutes in parking lot in the middle of a city, ranging everything from people to vehicles to signs and trees.
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