Zeiss LRP S3 - First focal plane riflescopes.


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Dec 3, 2007
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Zeiss LRP S3 - First focal plane riflescopes.
In the world of long-range rimfire competition, the little 22 LR cartridge is frequently pushed beyond its intended limits. In turn, the capabilities and performance of the riflescope are tested at the extreme - with a key limiting factor for many scopes being sufficient elevation travel.

Every hunting trip is different, but that does not mean that you shouldn't be as prepared as possible. Your riflescope will be critical to your hunting success. The ZEISS LRP S3 first focal plane riflescopes provide the best-in-class total elevation travel combined with an advanced optical system. They deliver ultra-sharp images and gather the maximum amount of light for low-light conditions with the ability to reach out to identify game at great distances.

ZEISS LRP S3 425-50 offers a large field-of-view making it the perfect targeting optic for medium and long-range targets. Its compact and lightweight 34mm main tube is tested to withstand 1,500 g-force of shock over multiple impact cycles.

LRP S3 425-50 4-25x50 - ZF-MRi

LRP S3 425-50 4-25x50 - ZF-MOAi

ZEISS LRP S3 636-56 offers the best solution for medium to extreme long-range shooting. The 6x-36x magnification range is combined with a 32 MRAD elevation turret which supports more precise shot placements..

LRP S3 636-56 6-36x56 - ZF-MOAi

LRP S3 636-56 6-36x56 - ZF-MRi

Best-in-class total elevation travel
With a staggering amount of total elevation travel
160 MOA or 46.5 MRAD for the 425-50 model
110 MOA or 32 MRAD for the 636-56 model

Advanced optics - With Extra Low Dispersion (ED) glass elements, ZEISS T* multi-coated lenses, and 90% light transmission, the ZEISS LRP S3 models deliver advanced optical performance.

Ballistic Stop and External Locking Windage Turret - Zeiss LRP S3 riflescopes utilize a mechanically stout Ballistic Stop to provide an absolute and true return to zero. Furthermore, they offer an External Locking Windage Turret that provides immediate access for wind corrections, with a locking feature.

T* (T-Star) Six-layer Coating - For a brighter, clearer and higher-contrast image.

Daylight visible illuminated reticle - The powerful daylight visible illuminated reticle, with userselected option of red or green illumination comes in five intensity levels. Only the center section of the reticle illuminates for a most precise point of aim.

LotuTec® - Makes lenses water- and dirt-repellent and easy to clean.

Zeiss First Focal Plane Reticles Minute of Angle: ZF-MOAi - The ZF-MOAi smart reticle was designed with precision shooting and long-range hunting in mind. This is a great reticle for the most challenging shots in the field and on the range. The clean and clutter-free reticle utilizes hash marks that represent 1 MOA (minute of angle), and even numbers are displayed for fast visual reference. The windage dots below centerline are placed at 2 MOA increments, so that you can easily confirm the wind's influence on the bullet's impact down-range. The floating center point of aim provides a precise hold on the most difficult targets.

Milliradian: ZF-MRi - The ZF-MRi smart reticle was designed with professional input from active competitors and instructors. Its purpose is to dominate at PRS and NRL matches. The milliradian (MRAD) reticle incorporates a "tree-style" primary structure with useful hash marks, dots, and reference numbers – without the clutter. The points-of-aim and holds are represented in 0.2, 0.5, and 1.0 MRAD increments; and even numbers are displayed for fast and intuitive visual reference. If winning is your goal, then the ZF-MRi reticle was made for you.

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