winchester VS rem. actions



Only reason I can see for rem 700 actions is they are round and the win are flat bottomed.
All you need for a rem action is a four jaw chuck and it only takes a few minutes to indicate in. The win actions of course can also be indicated in a four jaw but since its a non symetrical action would take a little longer.
I think both are well designed actions and either will work for whatever purpose you decide you need, except for case size in different actions.
use a SAVAGE hard to find better action for the price , thread diameter is big action lenght is able to hold longer cartridge

Old REM 700 are OK newest are very poor in quality

Win 70 is only 1 inch in barrel thread diameter and lock time is not th espeedof the light but that can make nice rifle is you stay in reasonable caliber AFTER BLUE PRINTING of course

good shooting

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR> Old REM 700 are OK newest are very poor in quality <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Do you have any evidence of them being "poor" in quality.

Please post a link/source.

Thanks, Al.
I prefer 700's because of their inherent accuracy quality. Yes they can be sloppy in regard to all the tooling marks ect... and their triggers suck, but of any other factory action, they sure can be made to clean up nice without alot of trouble. Yes they should be that way from the start, but thats why we also have custom actions.

Accuracy all the way
Why do most people prefer to use the mod700 remington over the win mod 70. for long range shooting? Is there a big difference? The reason I am asking is that I have a mod 70 now and am planning on having a custom gun built next year.
I just bought a new super shadow in 270WSM and that is a rough action. I have put 120+ round through it now and the bolt is still rough to run through the motions. I have several Rem 700 off the shelf that are much better. But being that this is the new action for them maybe it will get better. It does not feed very well either.
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