rem vs. savage actions



which action would be the best choice for a custom rifle ? reminton or savage ? i can see advantages in both but only have exsperience w/rem actions. Any advice on strength, ability to be trued, modified for diferent case head sizes, chances that they will feed . quality stocks, triggers, all around durability and accuracy of actions. This rifle will see hard use but will be taken good care of. i will do every thing from shooting of a bench in local compition to hauling it through the woods hunting. all info and advice appreciated , thanks.

Found out doing a rifle for a friend on a Savage action that there is some versitility with that action. You can use the barrel nut again, which makes headspacing the rifle nifty or you can headspace the barrel like a Remington action. Really though it is a matter of preference I believe in which action you use. I personally am not a fan of the Savage, I think it is not astecially pleasing enough. But with the design of the savage action you can just switch out the head of the bolt and not have to worry, or pay for the cutting of the bolt face. I still think, in my opinion the remington action makes a better custom rifle, but here again that is opinion. I am finishing up a 6.5-06 Ack Imp on a Savage action, for one of my friends right now and he put it in a boyds laminated stock, which is nice and probably a little cheaper then a good synthetic, but both will do the job providing the bedding is right.
Savage will be less expensive and more user friendly to work on and modify in many respects than the 700 ever will.

I see this as $$$, and personal preferance issues. Accuracy with either is a no-issuse for me, both are equally capable but, the Savage will cost less to get there for sure.

Resale will be more on the 700, they are simply more popular, fact of life. If you plan on keeping it, that makes no diff tho.

Your going to find that alot of stuff avalible for the remington is also there for the savages, savages can be found at a cheaper price, different bolt faces can be found at midway, you might be happy with the stock trigger, the ones on my rifles cleaned up very nicely, and for accuracy Tim Lambert shot an 11" group at one mile with a savage action.
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