Winchester Stealth?



Does anyone own one of these and what do they think about them? Im looking for a new 308 and this looks like a promising setup. Thanks in advance.
BUY ONE. Then spend about the same $ on a scope/mounts and you will be good to go. That simple, you will not regret getting a Stealth, particularly in .308 Win. Have been shooting the Stealth in three calibers and it is a very fine rifle.
Just toss the guard screws, replace with B-Square bolts from Brownells, torque them to 65 in-lbs and you will be good to go.
Good luck.
Ian, have you shot the Stealth in the .223? I'm concidering getting either a 700VS or the Stealth. Need something that uses a little less powder when plinking at the range. Darn .338 Ultra Mag's have a nasty appetite for RL25!

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Our .223 is an excellent rifle, seems to shoot anything we put through it very well. Has shot many sub 1/2 minute groups at 100 when playing with loads. It is nasty on gophers out to 300-350 when we can hold it right. This rifle shoots very well - all I did was cut the trigger down to three pounds from the seven it was set at the factory.
I own a Winchester M-70 Stealth in .308, and I love it. I have a Tasco Tactical 10x 42 True Mil-Dot mounted on it. I shoot nickels and quarters at 200 yards. Groups at 100 yards are .25-.50" and thats with army cheap ammo. I am planning to start reloading this week, hopefully. Go for it!

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