Wicked Ridge M-370


Well-Known Member
Apr 29, 2017
Anyone have one of these? If so, what's your thoughts? I've never owned a crossbow before and have been considering one. I have thought about it and looked at them for several years but have never pulled the trigger. Originally was looking at Tenpoint and Excalibur and stumbled across this one. I will be mainly hunting out of a tree-climbing stand or a ground blind. Thanks for any input.

Richard Teague

Active Member
Nov 9, 2018
I have a tenpoint and it does all I need done. To me a crossbow has a couple things I don't like. Mine is a bit heavy and second they are not that handy to lug around. Other than that I like the flat trajectory and accuracy, I am impressed that I can keep 3 bolts on a half of a paper dollar at 50 yards no problem. The best benefit is that you can use one in a ground blind as you won't have to draw it at ground level just point and shoot.


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