Why the bad feelings towards winchester rifles????


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Dec 20, 2003
Springfield, VA
I seem to be getting this vibe, somewhat from this board, and probably a lot more from another board I read. But why is it nobody considers winchester rifles, when they talk about building this or that, or just for a general all purpose hunting rifle. It is either remington, or buy something cheaper, like a tikka or savage??? What gives?

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The type rifles I have built are based on tactical rifles in use and those tend to be Remington. When I shot NRA High Power years ago I had Winchester based systems. I don't like to mix systems because I get "muscle memory" confusion and I don't want any extra problems/confusion... all Remington.

"Muscle Memory"
Think most of it is that most gunsmiths like 700s because they have the most parts available and easiest to work on, and have been the standard for so long.

The first IBS 1000 Yard shooter to reach 100 points, Phillip Yott, shoots a Model 70 and a Mauser action that he smiths himself. He reached that threshold in 2003 and since 2 more have. So nothing wrong with Winchesters if gunsmith can do his part.

I have been wondering what the deal was, because some of us in our group, don't like Remingtons.....and I have 2 winchesters with only minimal trigger work (by me) can shoot 1/2 inch groups at a 100 yds, with a couple loads.

My next gun will probably be a Remington, just because I need to get one at some point

Oh ya, I just noticed, thanks to the local guys for responding, hehe
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