Which Units in Oregon??


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May 2, 2009
Central Oregon
I am going to try my hand at Antelope hunting this year but, I have no idea of which areas would give a first timer the best odds.

I would appreciate any guidance you may give.
I plan to scout the area(s) prior to the season, what would be the best time of year to do so?

Any other words of wisdom are welcome.

Oh yea, I live near Redmond.

Ray, Do you have ANY preference points? 10 points are needed for the better units, less for the lesser units. Go to monstermulies.com, punch in Oregon, select Antelope and find your drawing odds for all the units. I'm waiting for my next tag, killed my last one in '99' (scored 88") Antelope in Oregon don't travel far so if you spot a nice buck a month before the season he won't be far but finding him is easier said than done. Good Luck
Thanks for the reply.

No, no preference points. I am just now getting back into hunting after a long absence.

I will check out that site, but I see in the Hunters Guide the number of allotted and number of applicants, does the site give more info?

Thanks again,
Monstermulies.com will give you more info than Oregon's big Game Regulations. Oregon issues tags in their drawing to 75% of highest preference point holders and the remaining 25% goes into the general draw. So you still have a SLIM chance at drawing without any PP
Look at Warner, OR Beatty's Butte, Probably the Highest population in the State around those area's
Pm me if you need any other info You'll need lot's of points to have much of a chance, But if you get it I'll put you on lot's of lopes.
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