Which stock for a little, little girl?

Any of the XLR chassis will fit a small child and you can easily adjust it to fit an adult, so it will grow with her. Watch on snipers hide and you can find them fairly cheap. I have the Envy for my daughter who is 9 and it fits her perfect. Look up the videos done by Long Range Only on youtube of them.
This is where the money needs to go. Adjustable stock. Then, find someone who knows enough about stock fitting to fit it to her. Really good thing to learn how to do it yourself correctly.
That sound FUN!

I have just about settled back on the 223. Partly because she can shoot her G-site laser all day in the house. But also because when I said she was a little little girl, I was serious. She is 41" tall and weight 36 pounds.
I love the idea of a 6.5 or a 7-08, but its just too soon for her. I'm mostly interested in helping her develop good habits and keeping her interested. There are two more coming up behind her so it will get plenty of use as a hand-me-down. I'm still mulling over the less than satisfying stock choices for a bolt gun in super compact sizes. There is a big hole in that market.
My youngest was about that size when she shot her first deer. Rifle was a .243 with a brake shooting a hot handload with 55gr ballistic tips. Recoil is somewhere between a 22LR and a 22mag. Wait for broadside and DRT every time in the lungs. No fatigue in practice. She shot thousands of those, many at archery deer targets. Easy to go up from there.
In the same boat as you with my 10 year old hunting this year. I put together a right side charging 10" AR in 300 BO. I already have an sbr registered lower so that wasn't an issue. I put the smallest grip on it I could find and a 1-6 variable. I can close off the adjustment gas block and it turns into a straight pull bolt action. And she can get a lot of practice with subsonic 175s with little to no recoil.
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