A little help


Oct 25, 2018
Canton, NC
I just picked up a 300 wby mag dirt cheap. It is a Remington 721 action with a Marquart Precision barrel. The gentleman I got it from said it had never been shot since being installed on the rifle. The smith is very reputable so no worries there but I know little about the action and even less about Marquart Precision other than it was owned by Paul Marquart of Prescott Arizona. Any info appreciated.
The M721 is easy:

The Model 721 and Model 722 along with the later Model 725 variant are bolt-action sporting rifles manufactured by Remington Arms from 1948 until 1961. The 721/722 replaced the short lived Model 720. The Model 721/722 is considered to be one of the first modern, economically produced sporting rifles whose design largely continued with the subsequent and highly successful Model 700. Manufactured with high precision, it is known for exceptional accuracy. (from Wiki)

Paul was a gentleman and an exceptional gunmaker. His barrels are renowned for accuracy. I was pleased to have known him the last few years he was active in the trade. His shop was just right down the street from Fred Wells.

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