Which stock for a little, little girl?

As far as chambering, a 22-250 wouldn't be bad. Plenty of factory ammo, and if you put a 9 twist in it, you could load heavies but still shoot factory 55's as well without the bullet exploding. And you will have your bolt face.
Don't overlook some of the lightweight adjustable chassis out there. XLR, MPA, the mcree while not lightweight is one of my favorites and can be fitted with an AR type collapsible

I should build the little .223 then in a few years...
Build another

My 5 year old daughter likes to shoot my AR a lot. It fits her well since I can collapse the stock down. So short answer is yes you should build a .223 then another gun later because more guns are always a good idea.
Everyone seems to handle this problem differently. I bought a Winchester compact 243 took it and my 6 yr old daughter to my gunsmith and had the wooden stock cut to fit her and put a nice recoil pad on it . She shot it until she out grew it then I bought her a Winchester featherweight 270 . Now the little gun is just waiting on grandchildren. I considered putting a different stock back on it but why it’s set up for kids . Also I taught my daughter to shoot with a ruger 22 hornet heavy barrel ( she still loves to shoot it today ) god luck. Just fiqure out what works for your situation
Ps just don’t push to hard , let them tell you when they are ready
So I'm gonna build my little girl a rifle. She loves to lay on the floor and shoot the G-sight lazer. Truthfully she shoots and shoots till I'm too tired for her to shoot anymore. But we have been doing that with a little AR I have so I can shorten up the LOP to fit her. She's is super small. That being said, the youth bolt guns that are out there are firstly, too long in the LOP. Secondly, no matter the size, the plastic, junk stocks are just that...junk. The only legit stock I can find is the Manners MCS-CS (or CS2). Is there a stock I'm not considering?
I suppose I am also questioning several aspects of this build. I have been convinced since the beginning that I was gonna build this "kids gun" in .223 for a variety of reasons. But as I think of it now and as this will be a remage build, something with a standard .473 bolt face would be perhaps a better choice as I can convert it to any of a very long list of calibers in a few years when the kids are bigger. I don't necessarily want to reload for the kids gun, so I don't want to build it in a wildcat. What am I not thinking of?

Thanks fellas,
My advice would be to order a marginal grade walnut stock from Boyd's in the raw, cut the LOP down to her requirements. Cut it precise and and in one cut. When she grows out of it epoxy however much of the stock you removed back on. When she gets older you can add the rest of the stock in halves or whatever, but and get her an adjustable butt pad. I think would recommend finishing it with an English rubbed finish with a bit of red in it: buy red oil and mix with food grade tung oil, it polymerizes better and will not go rancid like linseed and others and has better control over water resistance than walnut oil. Add a bit of turpintine as a dryer and coat every one of day or so as needed pending on temps and humidity. You can also use a AR carbine length buffer system it's pretty short, but they also sell shorty stocks if you want to go that route. If you Best!

I should build the little .223 then in a few years...
Build another
If you start with a Savage then the bolt face consideration drops off because you can buy different bolt heads for the action. Can buy it in .223 now, and then when appropriate buy a pre-fit barrel and a bolt head to match whatever caliber is chosen next. The only part of the equation that I lack is if by changing the mag(s) too you solve any potential feeding issues.
I would just get a popular cartridge (6.5 Cr. or 7mm-08) that you can buy reduced factory loads. Problem solved.
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Well, here is another option, you could just get her a Weatherby Camilla in 7mm-08. 3 ladies in our group have those and they absolutely love them. You can get the Vanguard for around $800.00 and be done with it, put on Viper Vortex 4-16X44 HS-T and you have a light weight but credible long range rifle. I run 145 Gr Barnes LRX in the wife's Camilla (sub MOA @! 100 yds clocking 2700 FPS) and she went 3 for 3 one shot kills on plains game in Africa. She can carry, handle and shoot the "handy" little rifle better than her Mk V in .257 WM or Sako Finnbear in 7mm RM. Two of the other girls are really petite and they just stopped shooting anything else. BTW--7mm-08 is a great caliber for big game but offers low recoil and muzzle blast. Easy to reload too.
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