Whats the likely range for you to hit a target about 2-3 inches in one shot?

Dave King

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May 3, 2001
Here's a question posed by SakoVarmint in the Seal Hunting thread. Figured I'd start a new thread to keep things on topic (I'm a stickler for that ya know

Once again:

Whats the likely range for you to hit a target about 2-3 inches in one shot?
Me personally... 500 yards,

yeah I'm pretty sure 500 yards would be my limit.

Unless there is high wind, it's 100 degrees and the mirage is almost as thick as rain on a window.. then 800 yards...
And now it'll appear that I'll answer my own question...

2 to 3 inch target first round hit likelyhood???

In a little test done in conjunction with some other shooters from 24 Hour CampFire using my 223 Rem I had 3 for 3 at 150 yards on a target of 3 inch size on two different days.

Same target at 225 yards I had 3 for 3 on one shoot and 2 for 3 on another.

At 300 yards I only had 1 for 3 and 0 for 3 on a target of 3 inches

So in a single set of tests not specific to this size target or goal I had 100% at 150 yards, 83% at 225 yards and real close to 17% at 300 yards.

As SakoVarmint and others well know there is a big difference between shooting a 3 inch group at 300 yards and hitting a 3 inch target at 300 yards. Guess I need more practice.

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I would go 300yds probably--223 and 308

also though, 2" is much different than 3" so im using the 3" target

At our range we have one 3" steel plate at 300 yards(from the bench,400yards from 100 yards behind the bench)
We also have a 5" plate at 385 yards from bench and 485 from behind bench.
One 7" plate at 425 yards from bench and 525,behind bench.
Also one 11" plate at 485yards from bench and 585yards,behind bench.

With my 22-250 and 50gr bt's at 3925fps I can hit the 3" plate 2 out of 3 times(up to 4-6 mph wind) 3 out of 3 on no wind days at the 400 yard mark. Very cosistantly under them conditions. More wind and it is minimum 1 out of 3 hits.

With the 22-284,shooting 68hpbt match bullets at 3700-3750fps it has been 100% hits under any conditions up to 10-12 mph winds,at 400 yards.

As for groups,I feel more confident with my 22-250 and have a number of targets that have 3 rounds inside the 3" mark at 500 yards on nice days(2-4mph)

The 22-284 though I can't seem to shoot groups with it at any range,500 yard groups are normaly about 4",which is very strange because if I shoot at coke bottles I can hit them nere every time out to 600-650yards. (5-7mph)

All the shooting I do is with bi-pod,I only use but bag at the range for groups.(the bag gets a bit heavy packing it in the feild)

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If the range is known exactly and the wind is not their , cool so theirs no mirage I would say just past 500yds as my two longer range rigs will group into 3" at that range under perfect conditions.
I go about 90+ % on 4" clay pigions at 500 so I'd say that the first round hit percentage for a 3" would be bit lower.
1 shot off hand w/ BOB at 100 yards, not sure how far from a rest, never really tried to sort that out.
The "likly hood" of me hiting a 3" target is up to 400 yards. I will guarantee it to 300.

I shoot 1 MOA targets for my "first round" practice. I can make first round hits on a 1 MOA target out to 800 yards. Provided the wind is not fierce. 1k I can usually get withing a few inches of a 10" target.

Thats just what I can do.

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I guess I should really re-think my answer as... I was assumeing it was from a bench.. but then I should have realized the person who asked the question... So now I am thinking bi-pod... I'm gonna say 300 yards from a bi-pod but I am not real sure it couldn't be a bit further... I also using my 308, and also thinking the 300WSM can do the same...
Randy in Va wrote: <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR> 500 here as well. Of course that is bench mounted, right?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Nope. The idea is that you are hunting seal. To prevent the animal from jumping in to sea and vanish you need an instant fatal hit. Headshot is the only option. You can not bring with you an entire bench on the boat and rig it up on a nearby isle. So bipod is what you have to work with.

Keep in mind that it is often windy out there too...
A lot depends on the rifle and wind in low or no wind with my heavy barreled 06 or 243 500 yards. I have made lots of first round hits on pop cans out that far. Thats off a bi-pod.
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