Whats the cartridge you LOVE to HATE?

All things Creedmoor. Compare the ballistics of a 6.5 CM with the 6.5x55 in the same twist rate and you will find the the 140 year old 6.5x55 provides virtually the same performance. The venerable 6mm Rem outruns the 6CM. Not sexy perhaps, but the numbers tell the story.

That said, I do own a 6.5 CM which I enjoy shooting but It absolutely drives me crazy when I hear guys at the range talking about it as though it somehow possesses the ability to defy the force of gravity.

I can’t even count the guys I have ran into at the range over the years that can’t shoot, know absolutely nothing. But they read on the inter web that a Tikka 7-08 was the be all, end all to every big game animal and hunting situation in North America. As long as you have a Barnes bullet stuffed in the case.

You can use it to part ragging creeks and walk across on dry land, it defies the laws of gravity. In a tight spot it can be used as a weed pipe and makes an excellent high lifter Jack handle.

But all the above does not apply unless the driver of the rifle is dressed head to toe in Sitka gear and the rifle can only be transported in a Toyota TRD. There is also a minimum amount of selfies that must be taken per range session.
30-06. Heard so many kids when I was growing up and even now that had to get a 30-06 to hunt deer just like their dad. It's like you have to have a 30-06 to be a man. Saw fathers give their young son a 30-06 at the range and after they shot it, they didn't want to shoot anymore.
Also all the Creedmoors. Hornady just copied all past good cartridges.

Love too many cartridges to list.
ho boy....predicting 25 pages by tomorrow.
Let's be honest, everyone has one. Whether you had a bad experience or you just don't buy into all the hype, whats the cartridge that makes you roll your eyes as soon as you hear its name?

7 REM Mag and the 6.5 Creed! Of course, I’m not a fan of anything under 30 caliber…..except for shooting smallish varmints! 😉 memtb
I have to list two cartridges I love because of their efficiency, ease to reload and accuracy is highly achievable…..🥰🥰🥰7mm SAUM & 30 Nosler🥰🥰🥰

This one is more of a Love/Hate….🤬🥰28 nosler 🤬🥰. East to load highly accurate but barrel life is really horrible. By the time you love it, it she will have lots of plastic surgeries and a new barrel😂😂😂😂