Whats the cartridge you LOVE to HATE?

This is an interesting read. Seems alot of folks don't like some of the older cartridges not remembering or realizing the powders, bullets, and rifles of the day made those cartridges great and steps forward to what we shoot today.
Seems a lot of folks don't like the newer cartridges, not realizing the powders, bullets, and rifles we have today don't happen without a market to drive innovation. R&D don't pay for itself (unless your the .223, 30-06, 308, etc. Military development). Hate what you want if that's what you do, but remember, they ALL have had a hand in making this LRH thing, a thing.
That said, I hate the 30-06. Chambered in a Winchester model 70 push feed with 'hardwood' stock that I shot when I was a youth it is my recoil measuring stick. Nothing has topped it for shooting discomfort yet, to include the 378Wby (braked).
I for one like the old standards, 243, 270, 308, 30-06 and 300WM. As mentioned above they set the standard back in the day and with the improvements in powder, primers and bullets still lead the pack and have the added advantage of factory ammo available pretty much everywhere. I don't really have anything against the newer cartridges, but tend to disagree with the comment about R&D. You are correct, it doesn't pay for itself, but yet it does along with the hype put forward by the firearms writers. They hype up a new cartridge introduced by the manufacturers not necessarily because it is a new miracle worker, as the 6.5 Creedmoor was introduced. According to the gun writers it was the greatest thing since Canadian Whiskey. Were their comments made after a through personal evaluation under real hunting conditions or the information provided by the manufacturer? Based on their glowing reports a lot of new rifles and ammunition were sold, which is what keeps the world turning. How accurate were the original evaluations? Apparently not very since about a year later these same writers now having experienced the 6.5 Creedmoor did an about face and started talking about the limitations as these rifles started showing up on the used gun racks. After the Creedmoor experience hunters decided that it did not live up to the glowing verses published about it as he newest hunting rifle and reverted back to the old standby's, mostly of the 270, which at normal hunting ranges beat the Creedmoor hand over fist, or the 30-06 which for the most part outshines both of them at normal hunting ranges which for most of us mortals is 300 yards or less. The 6.5 Creedmoor does however have a place, and that is on the rifle ranges, the longer the better. It is a perfectly wonderful paper puncher at extreme ranges, but while it punches paper quite well there is a big difference between punching paper or through the hide of a living animal at longer ranges.

I don't really dislike any cartridge. They all have their own use and place in the hearts of each individual shooter. I shoot competitively as well as hunt. I own several rifles, all of which are listed in the first sentence of this missive and have owned many others over the years. They vary from mild recoiling rifles suitable for deer size animals to shoulder buster magnums that will safely take any animal (except maybe Sasquatch) on the planet. I do not necessarily like recoil any more than anyone else but do not hesitate to use recoil reduction when necessary. The 300WM and larger are shoulder busters. My 300WM has a good recoil pad and more importantly a muzzle brake that reduces the recoil to that similar to a 308. I haven't noticed any difference in the accuracy or velocity with or without the muzzle brake but I do still have the same shoulders that I was born with over 3/4 of a century ago. :cool:
Over my military career I was stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington. (Seattle/Olympia). Like anywhere else you get accustomed to the prevailing weather. Right now as I look at the digital thermometer above my desk it's reading -2 degrees, F. On Saturday we got 12 inches of snow. All I can say is that if you don't like the weather move somewhere else. I have lived in a lot of places over many years, all were different. One accumulated to whatever it was where you were living at the time. In my case there was no choice to move somewhere else so it was simply acclimate. Probably the hardest was a move from Fort Rucker, Alabama to Camp Ripley, MN in January. I froze my *** off the rest of the winter but had acclimated by the next year. By the way the hunting and fishing in Minnesota is fantastic. :)Try it if you get the chance.
I grew up in an area of quite high humidity, 60“ to 70” average rainfall , didn’t get below freezing but about 12 to 15 times per year. I relocated to a little different weather!

At our home, it’s presently -25 F……and falling! Below is a chart showing temperatures across some of our state! memtb

Geez I bet - I would take 0* and sun over 35* and raining any day, making it wet and more cold I'd just give up and die. The wet numbs you out of your mind, I don't know how the Pacific Northwest people do it.
You embrace it. I love when guys pay a fortune to come up and then sit in their tent for days on end because it's raining and cold.

There are two good approaches: Good modern rain gear and layers, and good old fashioned wool.

When you're happy in the suck, the suck stops sucking. Well worth the price of admission. My kids only whine and complain when it gets sunny and hot (high 50's F+), true story.
When you're happy in the suck, the suck stops sucking. Well worth the price of admission. My kids only whine and complain when it gets sunny and hot (high 50's F+), true story.
That is very true.

You should send them down here for a bit to cure of their sun allergy, there's nothing better than wearing the Wrangler Tux when it's 105* outside 🤣
Ok totally out of place but just saw this. Tonight in bush Ak
Good for them to have signs. We usually put a tree limb in the slush hole to keep others from driving in.
I had our front end of the truck go through and stopped when the frame rested on the ice. Had to have a wrecker drag us out with the slush and water level at the bottom of the doors. Good ol' Dauphin MB.